Passing nursing board background check with psychiatric and criminal history

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  3. by   Stephalump
    I'm not sure how your state works, but you may as well submit whatever paperwork you need to declare your past issues. It could take months, and even longer if you have to go even further through the process. I know a couple people who were held up and couldn't attend a program because they waited too long to start the process.
    Look up your state's Board of Nursing and there should be instructions and forms.
  4. by   kaydensmom01
    I have a similar situation, you can not find out if you will be accepted until you finish school and apply for liscensure.

    I am 22, I have a felony on my juvenile record from when I was 16, I have been admitted to a psychiatric unit twice at 18, and was a heroin addict until I was almost 19. I am in nursing school, and told my program director before I started the program. She was not happy about it at all, I am sure because of the risk of being denied by the board of nursing.

    I have been in touch with a nurse attorney and am saving money to hire her when I apply for my liscensure, and am probably going to be denied first. The Board of Nursing can not tell you anything, you must go through school and wait until you apply for liscense.

    I was told that the Board will look up juvenile offenses. All in all I know that I have a good possibility of being denied but know that it is a risk that I am taking when trying to become a nurse. I only get through it with hope because I know that I am a completely different person. I will be applying in one year.
  5. by   Stephalump
    When you can get your background check depends on where you live. In Texas, you can get it done whenever. If you have problems, they recommend you do it before you're even accepted to a program.
  6. by   vw74vw
    In my program you must have your CNA license before you even apply for Nursing School. They do this do make sure you will pass the State Board of Nursing background check. I would get your CNA in your state and see if you pass the background to get your CNA license.