Passed GI Disorders! Now on to GI drugs..

  1. I had a test today I did well on. Now tommarrow I have a test on 31 GI meds. And for some reason my brain wont take the last 6 on my list!

    No matter how many times I look at the cards.. sigh.. Maybe in another hour. Stress buildup anyone?
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  3. by   GingerSue
    hope it goes well
    Studying meds - can be a lot of details

    I was going to say - can you start by saying what those 6 meds are?
    And then list 6 things about each one?

    But, after that hour away, and then return, that usually helps.
    {couldn't get into the forums most of last evening, got in once during a lull in the problem}
    anyway, good luck on the exam
  4. by   Thedreamer
    Thanks! I took the meds test today.. It was very very difficult. Not at all what I was expecting. I still passed but only with a 79. Still, it was one of the higher grades in class.

    The test wasnt nicely packaged and well laid out. It was a list of 31 drugs on one side and then a wall of text being very very descriptive of each drug. Mind you, we had 7 laxative types, 6 anti diarrheal ect. And they way she told us to study the drugs wasnt nearly as specific as the test was. She also had nothing on interventions and S/S or adverse reactions like we had studied. It was a learning experience. Now that I know how the tests will be for meds, I know how to study for them

    Im content now but at lunch I was sweating pellets as she sat across the cafeteria grading them. Pellets I tell you.
  5. by   GingerSue
    79 is a fine mark
    {I know what studying pharmacology is like}

    well done, I say
  6. by   Thedreamer
    =) thanks so much!

    Today I take the last part of the GI unit, meaning I have to have a 70 average to pass and move on to Endocrine I think ill be fine. Todays test is Gallbladder, Pancreas, Liver and thier functions, disorders, and treatment.

    Woot. Studied ALL night. I know I am going to ace it!
  7. by   justrissy
    70 is passing? Wow we have to have an 80 to pass. I am at 79% in one of my classes and am failing. Thank your lucky stars you are at a school with a 70 letting you pass
  8. by   Thedreamer
    Yes 70 is passing at my school. We are the only school in florida to still have this, and it will be done away with in a few months I think. It is said to be going up to 75-80% I of course make the 80's-90s in most of my sections. But even I have "moments" of academic turbulence. I DO thank my lucky stars for 70 passing rate, because I have made very good friends who have difficult home lives. Thus, they cant always study the 5-7 hours a night that I can to make the grades I do. All of them are hardworking, ethical individuals that will bring positive atmosphere to a sometimes negative work force.

    Anyone can be as elitist as they want, and say that 70% isnt cutting it. In reality thats just 4-6 questions difference on a test consistantly. And LPN programs are PASS/FAIL. After all, we ALL take the same NCLEX PN test. That is 50%+ to pass. Yes it will be hard and its stressful, but schools saying 80%+ to pass thier tests are just doing that so they can get higher NCLEX pass rates. Im not advocating for lower standards or anything of the like. I am simply saying, we are all trying to do this together. If someone struggles through my school with a 70, and still passes NCLEX then good for them! They will have earned the SAME right to work I did having 80-90% pass rate. And over time they will learn all their skills and such that they didnt do so well on in school.
  9. by   Scrubz
    I can't wait until I'm out of my OB class so I can finally get into the tougher med-surg classes where we get to learn about meds. I guess you don't see too many people get excited about that huh?

    I'm the kind of person who does better in classes that interest me, even if they're harder. Like my peds class was tough for me becuase I know I'm not going to be working with peds much, if at all, because I plan to do adult ICU. Anyway, it was tough for me because I wasn't motivated. My hardest semester so far as been while doing pre-nursing where I took anatomy 209, physiology 206 (pre-med classes), an inorganic chem class, and an english class, and left that semester with a 3.5 GPA. Luckily after this semester all I'll have left in my ADN program is med-surg I and II, and then my RN-BSN program the next year, with a few other non-nursing classes that should be super easy (theology, speech, stats).

    Off-topic, but oh well..
  10. by   Thedreamer
    Thats awesome
  11. by   homehealthatheart
    Congratulations! It has not been that long since I was taking tests too. It is so great to be through. I saw a thread of yours where you offered a list of drugs that you had to study from. I have gone to and failed to download the list on my computer. I am still interested, still learning about drugs, any hints about downloading the list? Thank you, and good luck on your next test.
  12. by   Thedreamer
    Hmm i dont know what the issue would be with the download