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  1. Can anybody suggest a topic for a 10-12 page nursing paper? I don't really want to do the usual nursing shortage, euthanasia, insured vs. uninsured, so any unique creative suggestions would be much appreciated.
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  3. by   Achoo!
    What about substance abuse among nurses? There is a much higher rate of abuse among nurses than the general public.
  4. by   ponytailman
    How about a paper on the changing role of the licensed nurse in today's field, focusing on how far one can go to specialize versus how at times the nurse's role is trivialized in their quest to provide standard care(paperwork,various techs on the floor,and the always corporate america view of your patient).
  5. by   abundantjoy07
    I would write about things that you are genuinely interested in. Or browse through some of your nursing books or nursing magazines/journals for insight on topics that might be of interest.
    There's so many things out there to write about and trust me 10-12 pages seems like a lot, but once you get's a whole different ballgame, especially if you have an interest in it or lots of facts or viewpoints about it.
  6. by   Lovely_RN
    I would choose a few topics and then see which topic I could find the most sources for. I had to do a paper that is worth 30% of my grade and I made the mistake of not wanting to choose the typical topics. I turned in an outline for topic that had very few sources available and I had to go back and select another topic a few weeks into doing the paper.