Paid Tuition for working at certain hospitals?

  1. I live in Nothern Ontario, currently enrolled in my 2nd of 4 years, which in time, I hope to obtain my RN status when finished. I'm not sure where I plan to work (Can/Usa), but had a question regarding paid tuition.

    I was told by my girlfriend (also a RN student) that there was an advertisement on t.v. in regards to the possibility of a contract to work with a hospital for X number of years, which they would pay for your tuition for the four years enrolled, plus normal pay to work in there institution. It was manly focussed on smaller towns, up north.

    I was wondering if the same applies to the U.S? Do certain states offer the same deal?

    Where could I find information on what institutions would pay for schooling when completed?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   renerian
    My son works at a hospital as a male tech aide. After he works there one year they will pay for 100% of his schooling. Since I have four kids in college I am anxious for that year to get here LOL.

  4. by   Ortho_RN
    Yes, there are many hospitals here that do that also... The hospital is paying for my schooling, and for every $100 they spend I owe them a month of work, comes out to be like two years... But they take any money, its just your time.... And if I decide to go to another hospital to work, many of them will pay off my other hospital, then I owe the time to that one.. Works out great for me
  5. by   allthingsbright
    A large, nice hospital here gives a scholarship to second year nursing students of an ADN program 3000 per semester. The student must have a 2.5 to apply and maintain it, and for each semster the student recieves money for, they sign a contract for one year of work in this hospital. Pretty good deal, but I havent seen the fine print-like do they stick ya where they need you when you grad, and what do they pay you?
    I am thinking about it but need more info.
  6. by   2banurse
    There are a couple of hospital in my area that will pay for your tuition, including a stipend for living expenses in return for two years when you graduate You, of course, need to have been accepted and started the program. It is something I am considering. They also offer you the opportunity while working for those two years to work towards being either an advanced clinical specialist or nurse practitioner.

  7. by   TristateRN
    There are several hospitals in my area that will pay for your tuition including prereqs in return for working for them for 2 years. You get paid the same starting salary as any other new RN once you start.