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My school had summer 1 only and we are finished with finals and out until August! I only have one more semester to go. I still cannot calm down from being in school. I feel that I still need to... Read More

  1. by   momangel29
    I would have fun in the sun however there has been rain for an entire month down here! This is supposed to be the sunshine state! Taking the kids to the movies and the arcade is making me broke! Anyway registration for fall classes is Monday and its nerve racking within itself! I don't know why these processes have to be so difficult.
  2. by   darby1
    I know exactly what you guys are talking about. I decided not to take summer courses, so I could study for the PSB test that I took in June. For several weeks, I felt almost depressed because I felt like I should be studying. It's hard to turn off your study mode! My wife is on third shift, so I've been used to staying up late at night studying for my prerequisite classes for the past two years. I've been accepted into the ADN program this coming fall, and I've got to get into a day shift mode. I've been checking sites recently trying to get ahead of the game, if that's possible (yeah right!). I've also got to get all my household chores in order and get ready for the fall. Anyway, I'm glad to have found this great site during my search. I look forward to being a part of the discussions and fellowship with this fine group of people. I realize that most people here are women, and that I'm a minority (a dude), but I think I can fit in. I will be available, if I can be of help to any of you guys. PEACE. Darby
  3. by   momangel29
    Now I am starting to think how can I manage when its time to go back and can I get in the swing of things? I stress out alot.
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i am ready to start back!