Other Weak Stomaches out there?

  1. Hi everyone!! I have been reading (and feel better now that I know I am not alone) that some of you have weak stomaches. From what I have read, most of you are bothered by smells and when you have to clean up certain things....my "problem" is a bit different. I don't know how to explain this and have it make sense, but here goes....I have a problem when I personally get a shot and I know it is different when it is not ME that is getting it, so hopefully that won't cause a problem. Here's where it gets weird, I can watch TV shows on brain surgery and see them cut open the person's head and everything that goes with it and I am completely fine, but if I am to watch "Scarred" on MTV I feel so nauseous! I guess my question to you is does anyone else feel nauseous or light headed and you don't even know what exactly is "bothering" you? Blood does not gross me out, however I feel like I will pass out if I see someone's leg get cut open...make any sense?
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    Breathe! Through your nose , out your mouth ... its a normal thing. Honestly I used to almost pass out w the needle in the vein ! I got through Phlebotomy and now can not get enough of it. Its mostly our brains thinking --oh my god!!! ... lack of O2=feeling faint... you will get passed it... just talk to yourself inside your head and be your own coach ...!!
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    Umm... I passed out in hematology lab. And all that was was sticking my finger with a little lancet. Hahaha! Pathetic... I sure hope it's easy to get over. I think it's just me and needles. Needlephobia.
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    With all jokes aside, I use to have a very weak stomach. My mother was diagnosed with kidney failure when I was 15 and I have seen it all. Her body had to adjust to that it the sight was awful. Some people have said it is different because it is family but for me it's not. It was not by body fluids, bowels and all that other good stuff so I could not stand it. I have gotten better at. I will see how it goes in nursing school.
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    I would say that gritted teeth do wonders for breathing.....and remembering that if you vomit, the patient vomits, the other tech helping you vomits, and then you have a bigger mess on your hands. I've had patients force fed liquid K+, gargling with it then vomiting it up 10-20 mins later....I've dealt with elderly confused patients throwing poop around from their depends...I've walked into a room with blood spraying through a bandage...just cannot let your patients down....that, plus the thought of "I just won't be hungry for a while...good diet this way..." helps a bit. LOL
    Just do what you can, and if you can't deal with something yell for help and trade off....
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    I can't believe I'm reading this post!!! My hubby was watching Scarred and I caught sight of someone's bones coming through the bottom of his hands and was ready to change my major right then and there!!!! And hubby said that wasn't even the worst of it. I spoke with my mom (a long time RN) and she said that compound fractures, like those shown on Scarred, are mostly seen if you work in the ER and even then what makes that show so horrible is that you see them happening....so fear not, you are not alone.
  9. by   vaileheart
    I think you are soooooo right about the "watching it happen" part. I think knowing what is going to happen on that show creates a huge build-up and by the time you see the person fall and break/rip etc... its like "OMG!!"

    Thank you everyone for replying to my initial post here, thanks to your advice about breathing and everything you all have said I am so happy to say that I had blood drawn last night for a check up and I didn't get dizzy or feel bad at all!!!! Thank you all! I'm so glad I have found this site!