1. Well I just got back from orientation.. Well actually it was more of a Welcome and ask questions session.. But it was really helpful and stress-decreasing...

    The instructors seem GREAT!! They all have a sense of humor and were even telling us about some of their screw ups... One of them said when she went to do her first IM shot.. Hit the femur... :P

    But they also had some of the students talk about the first semester and things that can be done to decrease the stress a lil bit.. They also have a mentor program.. Which they said is really helpful...

    The instructors said the first week you will feel like we take you and throw you in the deep end of a pool and you can't swim.. But they say by weeks 3-4 you learn to swim and things get much easier..

    So all in all it was a good day
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  3. by   Danielle4
    boy I am really glad to hear everyone makes mistakes when they learn!
    Helps me feel better about learning.

    I have not started nursing school feeling a bit apprehensive because of the nervous and things.
    It sounds like you have some great teachers!

    Good luck!
  4. by   moni rn
    i am so glad you had a good time!

    it sounds like you have a great group of instructors! i hope my orientations goes as good as yours did!
  5. by   NurzofFaith
    I'm glad your orientation went well!!
    I remember the excitement and anxiousness I had
    at orientation, and it was great to know everyone
    there felt the same

    Keep a positive attitude, stay organized and dont
    let anyone change your mind about nursing, its a great
    career, with many rewards and many bumps..LOL

    We also have a mentor program at our college, it has
    been very helpful, I have 2 little sisters (1st yr nursing students)
    and I would do anything to help them out!!

    Best of luck to you!

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