1. Hi,
    Are there any other students out there that are interested in going into OR? I'm in third year and loving it!
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  3. by   rotary
    I'm in third year as well and am seriously considering going down the OR path.

    In my program they send us into the operating room to observe surgeries quite often, so I've had the pleasure of watching an abdominal resection, a couple aortic valve replacements, mitral valve replacement, and a couple CABG's. I found the entire process fascinating.

    The OR staff was great too- they made sure I had an unobstructed view at the head where the anesthetist usually stands, he moved out of the way and let me watch really close the entire time.

    They've all been great experiences.
  4. by   collegebound
    Well, I don't start NS until January but as of right now I really think I will love the OR. Reality may prove differently though. It just seems like such a fascinating area. I love watching any type of surgery (on TV only so far). Except, I did in fact get watch my own C-sec with my first daughter--it was great! My second C was at a diff hospital and they wouldn't let me watch-boohoo! Anyway, like I said I think it will be so interesting, seeing all the different procedures. I don't delude myself though, I realize it will be long hours, sometimes having to stand perfectly still, and smelling all sorts of, um, interesting smells...still OR is my ultimate goal!
  5. by   hospitalstaph
    That's great that you loved OR. I personally wanted to poke my eyes out with a pencil b/c I was SO bored However, most of the nurses in the OR had been there for many, many years and loved it. That's what is so great about nursing, there is something for all of us.

  6. by   BeccaznRN
    I got lucky and was chosen for the only OR spot in our senior capstone course.....it's a pediatric OR and it has been fantastic! All of my classmates thought I was a little strange for wanting the OR for my senior capstone, but I had only gotten a few days of observation in the OR throughout nursing school and I was interested in experiencing the OR nursing role for more than just 1-2 days. It's fabulous! I can't say enough good things about it. I will be interviewing for an OR position very soon (even though I already have a job offer in the CTICU) and we'll see if it's "meant to be" for me to be an OR nurse. All I know is that I have loved every minute of it so far!
  7. by   Bonny619
    You mean as a circulating nurse? I did not like that rotation at all. But I did love the PACU.
  8. by   BeccaznRN
    I have gotten to circulate and scrub (mostly tonsils and tubes, but also have scrubbed in on some plastics cases). I like both roles - each has an important place in the OR.

    I also got to rotate through the PACU, but that was the worst! Nothing but scared, screaming children wanting Mom while their anesthesia/Versed was wearing off. No thanks!
  9. by   Bonny619
    I really liked the PACU because the hospital im at, the nurses extubate the patients. I'm pretty sure she said only 1 other hospital in the country does that. I loved it, once they were awake enough we shipped them off to the step down PACU.
  10. by   StudentNurseSteph
    I havent been able to observe yet but i hopefully will be able to at some point.. The OR is what interests me from what I hear..but i need to experience it..and hopefully at some point i will.....
    I was going to observe last week but the nurse educator at the hospital ended up breaking her hip and wont be in for 6 weeks so we can't go observe until she comes back