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  1. Hi, i want some opinion. Has anyone of you finished nursing AS or BS online. I'm on med surg/psych right now (2 sem of nrsg) and thinking of getting my degree at RUE ED/excelsior college. I'm so burn out that i cannot stand the stress of going to school. I spoke to someone @ RUEEd who told me that since i already completed 50% of my clinicals then i can qualify for LPN-RN program for AS degree and total it will take me 9 months to finsih the entire nursing course.

    Do you know if this is feasible???
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  3. by   renerian
    I got my BS in one year but I had 10 hours already done and I did it distance and on line. My major is nutrition. I loved it. I am working on my graduate program. I take six to seven classes at once and work my heiny off as I also work full time and still have three kids at home-two are away at college as well so I am very busy. I love it. My goal is to get my MS in one year which I did get credit for 8 hours of education I already did before enrolling in the BS/MS dual degree program. My problem was finding a college that did not make me want to repeat all kinds of classes that I already had taken. I can take my tests on line or correspondance. I submit all my course projects or other papers in the mail. I could do them on line as well but since they are sometimes very lengthy I just mail them. The turn around is several weeks.
    Clayton College is the one I enrolled in. It is
    see what you think. It was very reasonable on the cost.....

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    Did Excelsior tell you that you can start your distance learning now, while still in 101 (LPN)? I already have a number of credits towards my degree. Thanks for your help.
  5. by   KolkataMomRN
    I am currently an enrolled student with Excelisor. FYI, you do NOT have to go through Rue to get your degree with Excelisor. A lot of the Excelisor students have used Rue books they will sell you.

    I am able to get my degree with Excelisor College, due to having finished 50% of a tradional college RN program. I have the weekend clinical and 6 humanities credits to obtain then I can graduate from Excelisor and sit for the state board.
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    thanks for your reply. Are you in the AS or BSN program? How long is the program and how much they charge per credit. I already have a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and i finished all my pre-reqs in nursing, fundamentals, med surg and psych.

    thanks for your help
  7. by   KolkataMomRN
    Hi, I am in the AS program. They do not charge per credit, you have an enrollment fee and pay per test. When I enrolled, I had 7 years to complete the program and graduate. There isn't a "program length". Your best bet, would be to contact Excelsior directly and speak with someone there. But it doesn't sound like you would have to take many written tests............
  8. by   Forevermomof5
    Please don't take this wrong.....

    I'm not sure if it's just me but this whole online thing for nursing seems a bit strange.

    I can see if you already have your ADN and want to get your BS but getting your ADN online doesn't seem right. How can you gain all the experience that a student who is attending college receive? Weekly we practice on manequins and real patients. Our instructors provide added information that wouldn't necessarily be on our exams but DEFINATELY will help us in the real world.

    Maybe I don't understand the whole concept, but do you get to do clinicals weekly through your program? The way it was explained to me is that you do your book work for 9-12 months or however long it takes and then at the end you do a weekends worth of clinicals. How do you gain experience and confidence with not being exposed to many different and sometimes difficult situations?

    I'm not saying it's a bad thing to do....just enlighten me if I'm wrong.

  9. by   KolkataMomRN
    Hi Karen,

    Most people who do this program are already employed in the medical field. So they are able to watch first hand how different things are done. A lot of the students have practice labs at home. That is the main reason they require you to have completed 50% of a traditionall nursing course, so you will have had clinical experience. If you have any questions, you are able to call an educator at the college (or email, etc.) and they will answer your questions. This program would probably not work if the person is not motivated to be creative and are not willing to search out information for themselves.

    I honestly feel traditional school is the best way to go, but for some of us, this is not an option. So this way I am able to fulfill my dream of getting my RN. Granted I may never put it to use, but I will have finished something I started.
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    hi thanks for the reply. Do you know if they will transfer credits, i.e. nursing courses like FUndamentals, etc.... i havent had a chance to talk to them yet

    The reason why im thinking of doing this is i could not handle the stress of going to school and could not process the information well. Besides, if my hubby decide to move next year, i can go as i place.
  11. by   KolkataMomRN
    When I first spoke with them, it depended on how "old" the credit was (they were also Regents College back then). So your best bet is to call them and see. Don't want to give you wrong info.......
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    I would like to hear from someone who has gone through some nursing school and finished up with an online program. How does it work? Do you take your boards after you're finished?Do you have a certain time in which to complete things or do you work at your own pace? I'm so full of questions. I am in my 2nd year, struggling through Med-Surg, and am getting stressed out.
  13. by   KolkataMomRN
    You basically study at your own pace. To my knowledge it is still 7 years after enrollment, you must complete the course. Once you graduate from Excelsior College, you sit for the State Board. This is NOT an easy way out. It is far harder than a traditional program. You can get further info. on their website:
  14. by   Spazzy Nurse

    Call EC directly and talk to admissions. Don't take the word of RUE or any other publishing company..... they're not always right. They are in no way connected to EC, they just make expensive "study systems" for people to use to study for EC tests. Like KolkataMom said, you can get used books from other EC students. Heck, you can even buy brand new ones for cheaper than you'd pay going through RUE. Trust me on this one.... I was burned.

    Only EC can tell you exactly what credits you already have will transfer. RUE has been known to tell people "ohhh, you won't need any general ed. courses..... all of yours will transfer right in!" when in reality, some of the courses won't transfer and will need to be taken.

    The people in the EC ASN program have some sort of medical background, whether it's EMT (from basic to paramedic), LPN, medical assistant, respiratory therapy, etc. etc. It's not like just anyone can do it--- they have to have some experience. There are no clinicals, so only qualified people can enter the program.

    Send me a private message if you have any questions at all.... I will do my very best to answer them for you. I'm sure I am nearing the end of the ASN program now, and I have found out a lot along the way. I'm sure KolkataMom has too.

    By the way..... EC's number is 888-647-2388. Give them a jing.