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    i'm looking to start on my bsn (i have a associate now) and am looking at education online. has anyone heard about the better or worse online programs out there?
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  3. by   janleb
    I will be graduating this coming summer ADN. I plan on getting my BSN online, plan on starting this coming fall. If I run into anythhing I will post it. This is the best route for me to go especially with children.
  4. by   nightingale
    I am not familiar with what is available in your areas... but I do know some local universites have many online classes. I am currently looking at taking an online MSN program of classes that are completly online through the University of Wyoming.

    I just finished a BSN completion at the University of New Mexico and we had many of the classes online and others that were corespondence classes.

    It looks like options for online classes are becoming more and more poplular, so.. check with your local universities first and you may get lucky.... do make sure the degree is from an acredited college program so you can build on i later ( if you ever decide to)..

    Good luck..
  5. by   NurseAngie
    Check out Jacksonville University (In Jacksonville, Florida). They have an on-line RN to BSN program. I'm considering it! I think their web address is www. -Good luck!
  6. by   craff1
    I'm taking med term online. The only problem is that the class is also offered on video/cable. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of info that is presented on video since I don't have cable. I'm getting an A anyway, but I'm basically doing independent study out of the book. I've arranged w/ my next door neighbor to start taping the class for me. I have to drive to campus to take exams. You might check on what arrangements are made for exams. (I didn't know I would have to come to campus for these because my friend is taking english 1A and his whole class is done online.) I thought I read someone's post along the lines somewhere, where the student was having a challenge with getting her clinicals because her class is online or correspondence or something. I'll bet Brandy knows where it is, maybe she could send you the link, I'm not that technically advanced. (Took me all this time just to figure out how to put a graphic by my name!!) Good luck!