One Tattoo Situation

  1. I'll be starting clinicals in about a week and what's getting me really nervous is my tattoo. I only have one at the back of my neck that says "Always" and it's really easy for me to cover it by having my hair down. But now since I'm starting the nursing class, the facility policy is that any tattoo must be covered and hair should not touch the uniform collar, long hair should be pinned up securely. I seem to be in a pickle here, any info/help?
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  3. by   TofuSandwich
    Either cover it with a bandage, or makeup.
  4. by   idkmybffjill
    Pretty sure there's concealer specifically for tattoos. I remember Kat Von Dee having something that she made for covering tattoos (might just be her reg make up line?).
  5. by   lightscemogirl96
    Wouldn't the bandage be an eyesore?
  6. by   lightscemogirl96
    I did think about applying makeup.. but I wasn't sure that it would start to smear on my white uniform?
  7. by   idkmybffjill
    It'll probably smear some, but I imagine mostly on the edge and the inside of the shirt, depending on the tattoo's placement and how much the area is brushing against the shirt. Setting powder and sprays would help some with preventing transfer.

    Bandages wouldn't have the issue but might be more expensive in the long run. It will be kind of an eyesore, but at least it won't smear around.

    The only other option I can think of is if your tattoo is low enough (which I assume it would be if the concealer would be next to the scrubs), finding a turtleneck/mock turtleneck to wear underneath your scrubs.
  8. by   caliotter3
    I once looked up a mentioned concealer one time out of curiosity and found it to be very expensive. But IIRC, the ad said it does not smear on clothing. I think it was discussed on this site but you will probably find the link faster by doing an internet search. The mock turtleneck idea is probably a more viable option.
  9. by   katyq82
    Can you wear your hair in a low bun and cover it that way? My classmate has used a bandage for hers but I agree that it is an eyesore. You might be best off asking your clinical instructor one on one what s/he prefers.
  10. by   lightscemogirl96
    Thank you guys so much! I'll keep all the info in mind. I'll ask my instructor first before moving forward.
  11. by   MotoMonkey
    All of the individuals in my program with small visibal tattoos cover them with a bandage. You will notice it more than anyone else.
  12. by   blackboxwarning
    Two suggestions...

    1.) Amazon has lots of options for flesh-colored tape. If you find one that matches your skin tone closely, it's much more discreet than a bandage. Some of them have a setup where you order a sample kit containing all of the options, find your match, and then order that shade.

    2.) I would discourage the use of standard face makeup, because you might sweat it off and stain your uniform. Sally Hansen makes a spray to cover spider veins and imperfections on the legs. Fantastic coverage, and you will have to scrub it off! Might be a PITA to apply at 0600, but it might work for you!
  13. by   Apple-Core
    Flesh colored band aid, roll-neck top under your uniform, or tattoo cover makeup; check out Amazon - there are loads available.