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..you know, the ones that are supposed to be so great for your feet? They kinda look like clogs, but they have a back? Back when I was waiting tables some of the servers wore them, said nurses wear... Read More

  1. by   Youda
    Try this link for plogs and clogs. I've ordered from allheart alot, and they are terrific! I haven't worn anything except clogs since I found these! Most of them I just throw in the washing machine, never have to polish them, and they are SO comfortable!

  2. by   Agnus
    Bergenstock makes several types of nuring clogs. There a re numerous brands. The ones with a back. These are also a clog. The back is lower than a normal shoe it was designed for safty especially in the OR.

    use your search engine to find Uniforms, or go to a uniform shop. If you subscribe to a Nursing magazine you will start to get cataloges automatically.

    I suggest you find a shop where you can try on the shoe. I have even see the "Anywhere" clog in gardening cataloges.
  3. by   bewbew
    Mel........sounds FANTATIC!!
    What a brilliant experience.....I would love to one day go to the Atherton Tablelands....

  4. by   aus nurse
    Mel, what a great experience,
    I lived in Townsville for a couple of years, and spent a few days up in the Atherton Tablelands. Beautiful green hills and so many waterfalls......it was gorgeous. Magnetic Island is nice too...very laid back.
    Bew, you must get up that way one day Skip Townsville but go on up to Cairns and around.