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I just finished buying all of the books & the nurse kit that I need (since ecampus takes forever to deliver what they promise--be careful when you buy from them--they can be slowwwwwwwwww to ship. ... Read More

  1. by   Jennerizer
    Missy--I did sort of the same thing. I bought half the books about a month ago---partly because of money & partly because they weigh so much. I swear you'd need a shopping cart or assistance if you bought them all at one time.

    Yesterday was just for getting 3 or 4 more books I needed & the nursing kit & that stuff came to $300. It's hard to hand over that kind of money for books...lol.

    Zacarias---by the 5th semester, I think they should be giving you books since you made it so far! You are inspiration that some of us do survive.

    Teresa---just wait.......soon you'll be on here posting about how you spent all of your money on books too....lol. It will be here before you know it!

  2. by   tabbeycatt
    Good luck to you Jen. I'm excited for you in starting the actual nursing stuff. Keep us posted on what it's like. Hope to be in your shoes someday soon!
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  3. by   RNIAM
    Jen, good luck! I know I couldn't believe how expensive the books were when I started last fall. It will al be worth it in the end.
  4. by   Gator,SN
    Book this semester cost $72......Big change and my wallet is still empty!
  5. by   AnaH
    Jen, Good Luck!!!!!!!!

  6. by   obeyacts2
    Our school bookstore doesn't let you know the exact books you need and prices until very close to the semester start, and the kits (steth BP penlight scissors etc) you pay for as a material fee tacked on to the enrollment fee. Not only that you cannot purchase anything until you show your class schedule and all feees paid with a 0 balnce. It really sucks, they have a captive audience. I am still finishing pre reqs. 1 more to go, and have been told by the other students that first semester books are about 650 dollars, not counting material fees uniform etc.

  7. by   ANEWBYRN
    I'm starting 5th semester and here is some advice for lugging all those books---ya gotta get one of those rolling backpacks! They are a godsend.
    Best of luck to everyone starting out! You can do it!!
  8. by   NurseWeasel
    Got the rolling backpack, it's completely filled, even the pockets ... with nothing but my required textbooks in it. There's no way I could cart all these books around without it.

    However my plan is not to lug all the books with me to all my classes. My rolling backpack is shaped like a duffel bag, and it's going to sit on my passenger seat (and be buckled in, in case of accident I don't want the hundred pounds of books slamming into me). I can roll it down the sidewalk or through the house if I need to transport all the books at once, but mainly the books and bag will stay in the car, and I'll just take the book I need for my next class, carrying it in my arms (no bag). Being in the front passenger seat, it's right there where I can just reach over and take out what I need.

    This way, the books are contained, handy for easy access, and yet if I want to take a passenger to lunch or something I can roll the whole bag to the back of the car and throw it in the trunk. No need to spend 10 minutes rounding up all my books from the floor, seat, dashboard, etc. It stays neat & orderly and is safely restrained.

    Yeah, *snort*, I'm rather proud of myself for coming up with this solution! This was a $20 rolling backpack, by the way. I didn't see the need to invest a lot of money on something that will be mostly sitting in one spot. If I was going to actually be rolling it around campus alot I'd have bought a sturdier one. I thought about one with no wheels (cheaper still) but when I contemplated having to move that heavy bag from time to time, I decided I *needed* the wheels. I can't afford a back injury!
  9. by   luluann
    Haven't had the opportunity to get my books yet. Classes start on Thursday and we aren't allowed to even purchase yet until tomorrow. You can just imagine how ridiculously busy the bookstore is going to be on campus. As far as buying outside of school, we don't even know which books are to be used so we really aren't given a chance to purchase online. I am going to go on Tuesday and bring my rolling backpack with me. I LOVE my rolling backpack and I wouldn't go anywhere w/o it!! Especially when you have to park a 1/4 mile from school and only have 10 minutes between classes.