Ob/pedi Help!!!

  1. Ok so im about to take ob/pedi this semester and i just really wanted input from everyone that had already taken it....what was it like? hard? what to expect??? any info. would be greatly appreciated....im just up in the air about what to expect considering that these classes are broken down into one semester! crazy! they said half of our nursing class failed last semester b/c it was tooooo hard! so im freakin but hopefully ill be ok! thanks bunches!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    you will find weblinks to ob sites on this thread:


    http://www.emedicine.com/ped/contents.htm - a list of links into subjects covered in pediatrics at the emedicine website

    http://generalpediatrics.com/ - pediatric links
  4. by   RNinJune2007
    Well, to be honest, OB/PEDS is the easiest semester at my school, for most. I had been killing myself to make C's in all three semesters leading up to peds/ob and barely had to work @ all to get a solid B in that class last semester.

    For us, clinical wise the hardest part of Peds was dealing with the parents. The kids are AMAZING, and sometimes the parents are, but wow can they be ... hypersensitive. They have a right to be... those are their babies, and what we do clinically could have a huge impact.
    But, considering the fact that the only field I want to go into after doing the Peds rotation is Peds, you can see it wasn't that bad.

    OB is also an amazing experience, and most "moms" and "dads" are so grateful for the help that you lend. I got to take pictures with almost every one of my patient families, as did my classmates, because the families were so appreciative!

    The Peds class was in depth at many of the disorders/diseases that we'd already done in other levels, and OB was a lot of new stuff, but pretty straightforward. The best thing a group of us did, almost accidentally, was we got to class several (2-3) hours before the test, to review on our own. It was the same group every time, so we did an almost impromtu study session, and WOW! I think it raised most of our scores about 10 points per test. We went over what we feel were the most important "random" things, and EACH time, we shared stuff that others hadn't went over, and which were also on the test... (so if we'd just studied alone, then we wouldn't have gotten the info..)

    Good luck and try not to have any preconceived notions... go into it with an open mind!
  5. by   texaschic888
    Thank you soooooo much!!!
  6. by   Jules A
    It was my favorite semester also. Even though we were all burnt to a nub because it was our last semester it was so enjoyable it hardly seemed like work. Good luck!