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Hi everyone! I just received my acceptance letter to NYU's Accelerated BSN program for Fall 2010. I just wanted to reach out to other accepted students so I thought I'd start a thread! I haven't... Read More

  1. by   dominica76
    Quote from smileymimi

    Go to a state school.
    NYU accepts too many students, classes done in huge lecture halls (for nursing!).
    Does not prepare students for NCLEX or clinical skills.

    I hope you make a wise decision and avoid tremendous amount of loans.
    I went to CUNY nursing, and all my faculty were genuinely devoted to students.
    It had some flaws, but overall I couldn't ask for more.

    Good Luck to you. =)
    Thanks for your well-considered opinion; I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and think they are generally on-target.

    Are there any other folks out there who would defend a decision to go +/-70k in debt for the NYU ABSN? Would love to hear from any current students or graduates. Surely, many have gone to NYU for professional betterment rather than a desire to live in the Big Apple for 15 months. I'm interested in how the BEST students fare.