Nursing student/parent needs time mgmt. advice

  1. Hello everyone in the nursing world, my name is Steve and I am just beginning my journey into the nursing world. I live in sunny southern California and am quite happy to be on my way to becoming an RN. I have a long way to go and an extraordinary amount to learn, but I'm up for the challenge. I am looking for a little advice from any other nursing students or graduates that have small children. I am happily married (to an RN) and we have a 2 year old girl, who goes to day care on the days that my wife is working and I am in class, which is basically all week. However, I watch our daughter most evenings because my wife works late and usually isn't home until its bedtime for the little one anyway. I am looking for any kind of advice that can help me manage my time well with taking care of our daughter, and getting in as much study time as possible. Are there any other parents of little ones out there that have come up with a good plan of action that gives them adequate study time? I appreciate any ideas or help.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Hi Steve and welcome to the site

    I have moved this to the general student discussion forum where I am sure you will get plenty of advice
  4. by   animal1993
    Hi Steve!
    I have a 3yo daughter and a 1yo son, so I know how difficult it can be to juggle family and study time. (Especially since my husband is out of town most weeks.) I think being organized can go a long way in helping you to get the most out of your time with your child, while still being able to succeed in school.

    I bought a cheap dayplanner (just a basic calendar inside), and at the beginning of each term, I go through the syllabus for each class and write every paper, project, quiz, test, etc. in it so that I always know what needs to be done, and what priority to give each one. That way, if I have 3 projects due in one week, I'm not left scrambling during the week before trying to get them all done! It's amazing to me that no one else in my class does this, yet they're always asking me when things are due.

    Other than that, it just depends on what kind of routine you have with your daughter. You may find that it's easier to just wait until she goes to bed to study. Hope that helps!
  5. by   looking4wrd
    What time do you have your daughter go to bed at night? I would definitely get her into an EARLY bedtime routine, if she's not already, and then you would have a few hours every evening to study. Children that age can easily be persuiaded into going to bed by 7:30 or 8:00PM. That would give you at least three hours of study time every night. I understand your dilemma, wanting to study like crazy for your degree, but not wanting to miss out on time with your daughter...good luck
  6. by   mama_d
    I carried a full course load the last semester that I was in school for pre-reqs with a family with four kidlets, the youngest of whom had just turned two, along with working full time nights. It was definitely a challenge! I stole whatever study time I could whenever I could.

    I've never been a note card kind of person, but I blew through multiple stacks of index cards that semester. I discovered that you can flip through a lot of study cards in five minutes!

    I also had a calendar where I had every class' sylabus mapped out, along with my work schedule and stuff the kids had going on.

    The baby and I would "study" together on a regular basis, with him coloring next to me or drawing on index cards while I made my study cards. Not the ideal situation by any means, but we managed.
  7. by   peytonsmom
    I agree on the flash cards. Keep them w/ you and you can pull them out at any time and go through them quickly as compared to hauling out the textbooks.

    I do a lot of studying when Peyton is in the tub. He's 4 so he's able to play in the tub by himself but still needs supervision. I put him in the tub and sit in the bathroom and go through flash cards. I take the cards to places like swim lessons too. Parent's aren't allowed to be in the pool area anyways so I sit in the bleachers and go through cards until he is ready to jump off of the diving board (the only part of lessons he cares if I watch!).

    He's usually in bed by 8:00 as well so I stay up after he goes to bed and get a lot done.