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You know how there is post pardum depression and pre mestrual mood swings.... can there be such a thing as Nursing School Depression?? Well if there is such a thing, I must be going through it! ... Read More

  1. by   runforfun
    This is an old thread, but still so relevant. Even though things are not going poorly, school doesn't always go as well as I would like. I'm a pretty upbeat person, and every now and then I get snappy, and I've broken down crying more than once already! I've found that when I start feeling bad, it's either time for bed or some exercise. There comes a time at which I realize I will do better if I find balance in my life than if I force myself to suffer.

    Chin up everyone, there is nothing wrong with being sad, frustrated, or overwhelmed. The problem comes when you let it consume you. Take 5, eat your Ben n Jerry's cry, whine, be ******, be sad, let it out. Then, realize that to have even gotten as far as you have proves that you know too much to fail. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and hit the books!
  2. by   krcs
    I'm glad this thread popped up because I sure needed it. I have the blues myself and I'm only a few weeks in. I'm so used to being a perfectionist and doing everything perfect all the time. It's hard to come to the realization that due to all the information and all the variables that you're just not going to be perfect. I've had it my way so long that it's causing some blues.

    I think another issue we nursing students have to cope with is the complete loss of a life. I actually feel like I'm somewhat in mourning of the life I used to have before nursing school. I mean there is occasionally time where we can relax but I don't know about you guys but even in my down time my brain thinks about nursing. I dream about nursing. I keep telling myself it's temporary. I hope I get better with coping with it as time goes by. Until then I just take it one week at a time.
  3. by   QuarterLife88
    Two weeks back in school and I'm tired, unmotivated, and just plain sick of schooling all together. I'm doing what I need to make it out and that's it. I have no more passion for this profession. It is a job to me; something to put food on the table and a roof over my head, just like others go to school so they can get other jobs. Screw having to have a "calling" for it. That ship has sailed. Maybe if there wasn't much b.s. in the atmosphere, and if nursing school wasn't always trying to lace a chokehold on my life, I wouldn't be so jaded. The only reason I haven't quit is because I've put 3 years into it. So I'm gonna get something out of it, but there will be no rainbows shining out of my arse.

    The only thing that keeps me going is my free time, which I make, and didn't much at all last year. Now it's reversed. I get my school work done as fast and as efficiently as I can so I can do the things I actually do enjoy most of the day.
  4. by   witty_online_moniker
    This is exactly what I needed to read this morning, even though the original post is ancient. I had my first day of my advanced med/surg clinical rotation yesterday and was feeling down over my general incompetence at this point. The combination of inexperience, figuring out the equipment in a new hospital, learning how to chart using their computer system, and trying to remember the finer points of skills that I have done mostly in the lab setting and rarely on real patients left me feeling a bit overwhelmed. My clinical instructor and assigned nurse were great -- they corrected me nicely and didn't make me feel stupid for not doing everything perfectly, but I'm used to being the kind of person who "gets" things the first time. Even gentle corrective feedback makes me feel like I must not have any idea of what I'm doing. :-(

    Rationally I know there is a HUGE learning curve here and that all the reading and studying in the world isn't a substitute for actual experience, but ugh. I'm doing well academically and I haven't been given any remedial skills practice assignments yet, so I think I can probably operate on the assumption that the mistakes I am making are part of the learning process and I'm right where I'm supposed to be at this point. When I think about the actual number of hands-on hours we get during nursing school, it's no wonder people still feel clueless for at least another year. It's enough to get comfortable with the basics, but it's incredibly difficult for the finer points to become innate if you just don't have the experience.

    My goal for today is to appear like I have half a clue and not repeat little mistakes that I made yesterday. And not get lost.
  5. by   krcs
    witty_online_monker. You just described my experience to a T. I felt fairly incompetent. I didn't exactly have a Scrub's moment where I cried in the supply closet like Elliot but I definitely was in no rush to leave it after I found the cup I needed lol.

    Only difference was that my nurse was scarce. I barely spoke two words to him because he was so busy so I did most of my tasks on my own and did my best to stay out of his way.

    I know the same things you said. Rationally I am not going to be perfect but the perfectionist inside of me is screaming. I think it will get easier for us as we move ahead in clinicals. We'll learn the equipment and how things work and gain confidence as we learn. Hope your clinical went well today!