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  1. ok, well it looks like I might have to make a few changes on my path to nursing school. I found out that I may not be qualified for the accelerated 2nd degree program b/c of my GPA. So I might have to do the traditional two year 2nd degree program. Which is fine, but I would like to get started in sept so I could graduate when I would have finished the one year program(I wasn't planning on starting for a year). Ok, so here-in-forth lies the DILEMMA!

    I have no money saved up at the moment for this and I have to continue with the car pmts, insurance, and cellphone. I can live at home with my parents, but I would have to work on weekends/evenings for extra money in order to survive. I was thinking that after my first semster picking up an extern position? Is that possible? I have to find a job making at least $10/hr ... and working like 15-20 hours a week ...

    Was anyone else in this situation? Anyone have any job suggestions? Could I work as a CNA?

    Additionally ... nurse externs? How much do you get paid in the philly area?

    So frustrated ... I could wait other year and save up the money, but then I've lost a year of schooling ... I can be done my prereq's this summer, have to take teh GRE/MAT, so much that I didn't expect so soon, I now have to do this stuff NOW if I want to get it! Needing to vent ...

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  3. by   colleen10
    Hi MsHead,

    Decisions, Decisions, been there, it's a tough decision.

    I'm in Pittsburgh and I have heard of 1st semester nursing students sitting for the CNA exam and then working as a CNA.

    I have heard of local hopsitals hiring Nursing Students that have completed their first year of clinicals as "Nurse Interns". I heard that they make about $12.00 an hour as do Patient Care Techs. which is something that you might want to consider looking into unless you really want to stay at your current job.

    I investigated into working as a CNA at a local LTC facility and they were paying $7.50 an hour for Part-Timers and $10.00-$11.00 an hour for full-timers that had made it through their "3 month Probationary Period."
  4. by   Erinkate2959
    I am sorry to hear about your change in plans. I know that at Jeff, you need to have one semester of clinical before you can extern and it pays $12 an hour. And it is definetly possible to work while in school, especially if you are doing two years instead of one. Good Luck!
  5. by   Hooligan
    Also look into being a pharmacy tech...check out Walgreens & such...they ususally pay well and the info you pick up there will be helpful. A friend of mine is a Pharmacist and she says that a lot of her techs are nursing students. Good Luck!!

  6. by   memphispanda
    Well, it's one of those pro/con situations where only you can make the decision.

    Could you take out extra loans to help with money? I am doing that for the final year of classes.

    You really need to ask questions before relying on the nurse intern/extern thing. There are different requirements depending on the area you are in. Here, you have to be within one year of graduation before you can extern.

    I also would seriously consider waiting the extra year so you can save money. It's hard enough to try to work while in nursing school, but if you know you HAVE to work just to pay the bills, it is very stressful.

    Good luck in whatever you choose to do. I know it is a very hard choice to make.
  7. by   2banurse
    I don't understand about the GRE/MAT, aren't they to get into graduate school? Why do you need to take them this summer?
  8. by   TheBrainMusher

    YAY! Thanks for the info. I am looking at teh TJU pathway program and I saw today that they have externs, but I didn't know what the pay was. That would be perfect b/c I could work, see how jeff is and get experience! Do you know what clinical you have first for pathway program? What clinical(s) did you have first?

    bean 76,

    I was looking into that, but I heard that you start off at like 6-7 bucks an hour ... maybe that is just high school students though. Maybe for nursing it would be more. I will look into it more! My boyfriends cousin works at a CVS and her hubby a pharmacist so I will inquire!


    I have SOME money saved (or will by that time) but I Would rather work 20 hrs a week and have money coming in and then save money, and not work my senior year to prepare for NClex and such ... or may I will want to work, who knows! But the amount of student loans i ALREADY owe is a large amount and I want to minimize loans! I know the program that I was looking at requires only one semester of nursing so it would fit perfectly, as long as I could get a position! We'll see.

    Thank you so much for your input! I love this board!
  9. by   TheBrainMusher

    I have to take then since the program I am taking is an accellerated pathway to the MSN program. As an undergrad in the 2nd degree BSN program you take 3 graduate classes so you are on your way to grad school ...
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