Nursing preceptor OR or Mother Baby

  1. I'm a senior and can't decide between OR nursing preceptor or mother baby preceptor. Which one is better? Thank you
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    I am totally confused. You say you are a senior (as in senior in college?) and asking about OR vs Mother/Baby preceptor. Preceptor is the person that trains new nurses which you would not qualify for several years after getting a nursing job. In addition, you posted this thread in "Geriatric Nurses/LTC Nursing" which has nothing to do with OR or Mother/Baby.

    If you are asking which specialty is best as a new nurse, we can't answer that question. Only you can determine which interests you more. Which interests us more is irrelevant.
  4. by   sirI
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  5. by   KrCmommy522
    Maybe the poster is trying to decide which area to do the practicum in? When I did my practicum we got to put our top choice, second choice, etc. They tried to give us our top choice, but that time they were so slammed none of us really got what we wanted...but by her post - I think he/she just said it really wrong. I think he/she meant trying to decide between having a preceptor in the OR or mother/baby...meaning where he/she should he the OR or mother/baby?? Maybe? At least that's the way I took it! But either way Guy in Babyland you're right...we can't really answer a question that relates to what interests the OP more!