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  1. Hello Everyone! I have recently decided, at 26 (almost 27), that I would like to become a nurse, eventually I would like to become a CRNA. But since I cannot put the cart before the horse - I have to get into either the LVN or RN program here where I live - which is extremely competitive. I went to take the LVN Exam a couple of weeks ago and the science portion BLEW MY MIND!!!! Also, there were 450 people there taking the exam for a program that ony accepts 30 students. They had only told us to work on Math and Reading at the orientation, so I was totally surprised. I have not completed all of the pre-reqs for the RN program so I currently am not eligible to take the RN exam but I would like to begin studying for it. I have noticed a couple of study guides that are out there - but was wondering if any of you had any recommendations based on your own personal experiences. If you do have such information and do not mind sharing it, I would really appreciate it. I am a new member at and have to say this is a great place. I have already learned a great deal by reading some of the past posts. Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   moni rn

    in my humble opinion, i would suggest taking the prereqs for the rn program & then taking the entrance exam for the program. then maybe the exam maybe a little easier. just my opinion.

    good luck w/whatever route you choose!
  4. by   FritoPie
    Thanks for the advice. I am currently working on the pre-reqs. I have taken only three of them, but they were pretty meaningless. Well, not meaningless, I did learn a lot - but not anything that would be helpful with Nursing exams. I took English, History & Psychology this past semester. But this summer I am taking Biology and two math courses - so I am hoping the biology will give me a heads up! You know I do not really like science all that much - do you have to like science to enjoy being a nurse?
  5. by   TexNurse
    Where in Texas do you live? I never heard of an entrance exam for nursing school. You take your prereqs and based on your grades, interest, etc., you are admitted into the program. I say look around for another school of nursing, one that fits you and your fit into, and reapply.
    Most of the books out there are NCLEX books, and you wouldn't be able to answer thoses questions until you have finished nursing school. I don't know what I would study for if I had to take a pretest!
    I also think anyone going in to nursing should enter the rn program. I think you will be happier with the job and the salary! Good luck!
  6. by   FritoPie
    Are you kidding? I have never heard of a school not giving an entrance exam. I live in College Station, Texas and the College I currently attend is Blinn College. I am trying to stay here in my hometown as long as I can though, I don't want to relocate until my education absolutely requires it. At Blinn College, not only do you have to take an Exam, but you have to write an essay too, they look at your grades, and you must prove computer literacy by either taking a computer course or getting a letter from your employer. Oh and of course - take the pre-reqs. I used to be a computer programmer - so I've got that down. I have a good GPA - about 3.86 right now (but I don't know what will happen once I take Math - my worst subject and Biology) but for now the GPA is good. The essay is no problem either - I am pretty good at writing ---But the science portion of the exam is insane. I totally agree with you TexNurse, and I am interested in the RN program but decided to take the LVN exam just to see where I would place and to get a taste of what the RN exam would be like. I won't know how I did until June though. If I were to get in, which I doubt because honestly I started to give up on the end of the science portion, I will go through the LVN program. They have a transitional course where a LVN can become a RN within one year of study, that is after you work as a LVN for one year. Which I think would be okay because I could contine taking a couple of courses a semester (working towards the Bechelor's) while working as a LVN. What do you guys think? Does this sound like a good plan or something I need to reconsider? THANKS!!!!
  7. by   StudentSandra
    originally posted by lfulton2002
    are you kidding? i have never heard of a school not giving an entrance exam. i live in college station, texas and the college i currently attend is blinn college.

    and i am interested in the rn program but decided to take the lvn exam just to see where i would place and to get a taste of what the rn exam would be like. i won't know how i did until june though. if i were to get in, which i doubt because honestly i started to give up on the end of the science portion, i will go through the lvn program. they have a transitional course where a lvn can become a rn within one year of study, that is after you work as a lvn for one year. which i think would be okay because i could contine taking a couple of courses a semester (working towards the bechelor's) while working as a lvn. what do you guys think? does this sound like a good plan or something i need to reconsider? thanks!!!!
    ok i'm gonna try to post one more time, first i was bumped off line, next a transformer popped somewhere close to me, shut me down & then the keyboard wouldn't work. lol so back to your question for the third time.

    here is a link for a book on pre-entrance exams.....
    the other suggestion i had was to look into schools (usually adn programs) that offer an lvn/lpn exit class between the first & second year of the rn program. this way you are still going on for your rn but can take the class & work as an lvn while finishing up the rn, then you can work as an rn while finishing up your bachelor's degree.
    this is a link listing rn and advance practice programs....

    good luck in your quest to become a i know i had a couple other ideas but have now forgotten them.
  8. by   FritoPie
    oooo - thanks for the links these are both great resources for information!

  9. by   RNIAM
    I am another one who does not have to write a pre-entrance test for ADN program but I had to write a pre-entrance test for the LPN program,go figure!
  10. by   kimtab
    We had an entrance exam (NET) for admission to my program but it was just Basic Math (nothing more exciting than Algebra) and reading comprehension. I don't know why they would test you on material that they haven't required you to take yet- doesn't sound quite fair.

  11. by   FritoPie
    I do not think it is fair either. I think they do it because there are so many people trying to get into the program that they only go with the best, kind of their way of weeding us out. I am going to start studing for the ADN test, which isn't till June and I am taking Biology this summer and A&P I in the fall so I am hoping this will help me with the science portion of the exam. But I still have not decided which study guide for the pre-entrance exams is the best - I wonder if there is a place that rates them for consumers or where consumers themselves rate the books.

  12. by   jnicoley
    the school I am applying to in Northern VA requires the NLN pre-admission exam, our director said if we had no problems with SATs(as i am only 21 I am not too far past that experience) we should have no problems
  13. by   KellieRN
    I live in Houston Texas and I have researched many local schools and have been to a few tours and spoken with advisors and they tell me that pretty soon, like as of next fall they are looking into getting the NET taken off the pre-req's list(UTMB and TWU). So keep checking back with your school. I will say this, an ADN program is a bit harder to get into rather than a BSN, soley b/c many people choose to go the ADN route first, then do the RN-BSN fast track option, BSN advisors will tell you this as well. So maybe look into different schools and different programs as well. Good Luck in your search! Any questions let me know, ive been intouch with a lot of nursing schools in the Houston Area lately, so ive got pretty up to date information.
  14. by   natsfanrn
    We must be applying to the same school I took the NLN pre-entrance exam last month. I would suggest getting copies of old NLN exams (you can order them directly from NLN for $10 each) plus a copy of the NLN Review Guide for RN Pre-Entrance Exam (published by Jones and Bartlett). The verbal was easy (but then again, I've spent the past 20 years as a writer); the math was also pretty easy IF you were able to perform calculations quickly (quite a few people in the room were taking the exam again because they ran out of time during the math section). The science was a bit harder, mostly because they threw in a bunch of questions about electricity -- ohms, amps, resistors, etc, go figure -- when I had concentrated my studying on chem and bio. Still, I scored in the 99th percentile so there's a pretty big curve in the science section!