Nursing Orientation Yesterday, OMG!!!

  1. I had my nursing orientation yesterday, 7 hours worth of info! I'm freaking out! Someone tell me it will be okay!!!!! On the up side, the professors seem AWESOME. But OMG so much info!!!! In a bit of a panic! We start class Monday.
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  3. by   kingskidRN2b'15
    YOU WILL BE OKAY!!! I know you will because you're nervous, which means you care. All you have to do is stay organize, do not become distracted & stay focus! Most important you made it to this point, so you have what it takes! Good luck!!!
  4. by   TheBerriGirl
    Omg where did you have your orientation at? I had my orientation yesterday too and I feel the same way! I'm super excited for Monday to come but at the same time I'm in panic mode lol.
  5. by   nurse2b121212
    I just graduated 12-12-12!!! Best advice I could give for starting nursing school is stay focused, don't work if you don't have to, accept help from people (especially if you have kids!!!), don't get pregnant or plan a wedding...remember..stay focused! I got married and planned a wedding in between my third and fourth semester so it can be done, but I was not prepared for the last semester like I should have been. I have my tubes tied so since I couldn't get pregnant I just had to do something they advised us not to do(I'm kind of a rebel at heart Oh and my biggest problem was procrastination! Don't do that! Study the material you went over in class that day while its still fresh in memory. And be organized! Have clinical stuff ready the night before. Hope this helps you! Good luck and just remember everyone in class is just as nervous as you are, but once it all gets started you'll get the hang of things.
  6. by   nurseprnRN
    Of course there's a lot of information. You are embarking on preparation for a professional career. There's a lot for you to learn.

    Gone are the days, loooooong gone, of "just following doctor's orders." RNs are autonomous collaborators in health maintenance and care delivery, with a strict Standard and Scope of Practice (you can get a copy at Amazon-- and pick up the NANDA-I 2012-2014 for nursing diagnosis while you're at it, you can thank me later ) and the expectation that we will have a solid background in sciences and other academic disciplines to back it up.

    Get ready to put a lot of effort into it. We need you out here.
  7. by   WantToBeMidwife
    I will be putting in 100% for sure. I'm just so afraid my 100% won't be enough. I'm just panicked is all. I'll be okay. One week at a time, that's my motto for right now. Thank you!!!
  8. by   esigler81
    I know you are super nervous! They pile all this info on you at once, and you are so overwhelmed. I was you in August. I start my second semester on Jan. 14. Take a deep breath; everything will be ok. The biggest piece of advice that I can give you, is to listen to yourself and no one else. I freaked myself out in the beginning because I was listening to everybody else talk about how nursing school is hard and it's not like anything else you've ever done. I'm not saying it isn't, but keep your focus on what YOU are doing and nothing else. You can do it!
  9. by   littlebear23
    Ahhh yes. I remember my first nursing orientation for my RN program. I remember thinking, "WTH did I just sign up for!!!!!?" They put the fear of God into us, and then left us feeling like we can do it if we really try hard enough. Nursing school will break you down, and then build you back up in the way your instructors see fit. I would be graduating this year, but that just wasn't in my life plan, and won't be graduating until 2015, so take comfort in the fact that you are in good company with the knowledge that a lot of us will be right there with you in the pain and the suffering! Good luck!
  10. by   WantToBeMidwife
    TheBerriGirl I go to Aquinas College in Nashville, TN. You??
  11. by   nurseprnRN
    ... and the triumphs and satisfactions, which are legion, and the justified rewards for your hard work.

    Could we all try to get away from the "pain and suffering" mindset? It tends to be a self-fulfilling prophecy for too many people.
  12. by   jamieekins
    Yay! So exciting! Congrats and try to enjoy the ride

    I have orientation this Thursday and Friday, I am having the same feelings as you are. I have even looked at the syllabus in a few classes and noticed that I have several reading assignments that have to be completed by day 1. It is going to be a wild ride! We can do it!!