Nursing is skairing me now!

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I was soo happy I found this site until I started reading the post. I'm a 28 years, married and have a 2 year old son. I have been going to college on and off not knowing what to do and some times getting burned off by other issues along the way... Results here I am just relocated to Florida from NYC with no college degree ( I got about 70 credits) as to say no profession. I've worked in the travel industry for many years but didn't find any rewards as when I worked as an HHA. So I decided to take all the testing for the LPN and got accepted, I start in June.
    I have been reading most of the posts and didn't know alot of things. Such as the cut throat situation between LPN's and RN's and BSN's. Now don't get me wrong I always taught that they were different levels of nursing like in most areas of profession in our society. But guys you are skairing me... Is it really that bad ?... I'm choosing the LPN route because first and foremost I want to get a good feel about what nusring is all about and probably decide after a year of experience if it's for me. If yes then I'll just try to go for my BSN (since I have all the pre-req's already... I'm missing Chemistry though). I love this site don't get me wrong but I'm really having cold feet from reading the posts. I think I'm a little skaired because you guys are talking about the day to day (reality) of being a nurse and the complexe issues that I might have to face. Needless to say I'm also happy knowing these issues upon entering the program. If anyone is from Miami, FL can they advise the pay scale for an LPN... (Just need to know... since I never really looked into it)...
    Keep up the good work!
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  3. by   fergus51
    Just remember that this bb is a place for us to vent, and even though things sometimes get a little catty it doesn't mean that all nurses are miserable. You are getting a glimpse into the problems that a lot of other nursing students aren't, but it is just a glimpse. I wouldn't jusge nursing based on this site.
  4. by   nightingale
    Key words here.... place to vent....

    I. personally, have NEVER felt threatened, observed, or had first hand viewing of anything negative between LPNs and RN's...

    Do not let the minority of squabbles lead you to think that is what makes nursing difficult.....

    Work as a tech/CNA or aide and see if you like that. If you do then you will probably love nursing. Nursing is NOT for the easily squeemish....

    If you have one class to go to give you the RN go for that.. you will make more money and enjoy more of the responsibility of nursing. LPNs are great too... but if you are one class away.. go for the higher entry level.....

    Let us know how we can help you.....

  5. by   micro
    hey nursing 101,
    yes it can be that bad out there.......but if it is then you just change to a different playground.....
    because no the majority it is not like that all the time.......
    us old calloused nurses(yeah, right-------we have a heart of gold and tears).......found this site just as you and found that others like us to vent, share and even differ with at times.........
    keep at it if this is what you want.........
    I for one could probably flip burgers, work in dollar general, plant flowers or in florist shop, but
    just wouldn't make it behind a desk etc.......

    people is what I am about.........I like to reach out, help, need to be needed........and to bring just a small bit of connection to those I care for.........there but for the grace of.........go I.....
    just me talking about why I am here in this thing we call nursing.....

    not always fun, but always rewarding.........
  6. by   nursing 101
    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for your encouragement. I really feel I can do this.
    Nightngale, I'm missing one class for my pre'q for BSN but I'm taking LPN because "finances" aren't that good. I want to be able to finish in about a year and have the opportunity to work and go to school at my own pace while making decent money to survive. My husband and I can pull off a year of me not having a second income but I don't know about the 2, 3 and 4 years that a BSN may require as there are also let's not forget waiting list everywhere to get into this program (I'm in Miami). I know it'll be longer but I'll get there. Do you have more suggestions? Anyone?
    Also If I go for RN (which will take me 2 or 3 years, with a waiting list) I know myself and will probably never go back for my BSN. I had to wait 6 months on the waiting list to get admitted into the June LPN program (And I wonder why there is a nursing shortage)...
    Or maybe I'll change my mind when I finish but at least I'll be making a decent living in about a year. Please advise if I'm going the right way or should I give this more thought?

    Nursing 101
  7. by   Lisa1970
    Why not get on the waiting list. Maybe by the time they call you you will be ready to go on. If not just say I am not ready yet.

    Good Luck!!
  8. by   nursing 101
    You have to finish all the pre'q's before you can even put your application in, then they have to go over it (approve it) and then they put you on a 1 year waiting list period (could you believe it)
    No wonder there is a nursing shortage. Now I'm not saying that they should take people like crazy but 1 year, I can understand 1 semester but not 1 year. So I'n that year of waiting might as well have an LPN license...
    Thanks for all the encouragement...
  9. by   Lisa1970
    I don't think all places have a year wait. I applied to a school in Indiana last week, meet with the advisor on Monday. I will start my classes (both pre reqs & reg nursing classes) in the fall. I think it just depends on your location. I am lucky here there are quite a few different nursing schools.

    Good luck!!
  10. by   Hopilynn
    I think you should research the medical field before you make it your life long profession. Really, you have to be passionate about nursing. I was a medical assistant and phlebotomist for 10 years, but decided I wanted to do more.
    The medical field isn't for everyone. If you can, volunteer at a Red Cross center
    or hospital, so that you get the "feel" of the environment. Not everyone can handle the sights and smells of ill patients. Dealing with doctors, nurses and other medical professionals is an art in itself. I love it, but have been doing this since I was 20. I can't think of anything else I would rather do. Hope it works for you!
  11. by   nursing 101
    Hi Hopilynn,
    I used to work as and HHA for 3 years before I got into the travel industry... And I had all types of patients, had to do evrything, changing dressing wounds for diabetic patients, going to the doctor with them, to the hospital staying in emergency rooms and so fourth. The only I hated was having to go into the person's house (cause sometimes you get sent to the wrong side of town)
    And I like diversity, I hate doing repetitive work on a daily basis (that's why I left the travel agency). I like to be pre-occupied when I'm at work, I like when my day is full (even if it's hard). I hate when I have to sit at a desk and the time goes by like a dropper. Anyway, maternity and babies is my thing ( i want to be a midwife) It's a long road but I'll get there. Thanks for the encouragement.
  12. by   SteveB
    Nursing 101,

    I go to school in Miami, (Barry University), and many schools do not have a waiting list per se. If your grades are good you should be able to start in the fall, take Chem in the summer at Miami Dade. Check out Barry, UM, FIU, and FAU. Are you aware that if you are in the RN program at a University you can sit for the LPN license after Mental health. That means in about a year you can get your LPN anyway and all of the classes you have taken are getting you that much closer to RN. All of the schools offer financial aid and scholarships, so you can do it. God knows that Loans and scholarships are how my family has survived this. Good luck and if you need any help don't hesitate to ask.

  13. by   nursing 101
    Hi Steve B,
    I plan on going to Barry when I finish the LPN. I know how expense it is... Did you have to pay anything out of your pocket (that's what I'm afraid of). I don't mind the loans... Just don't know if it will cover evrything. I had already applied to Barry and they had accepted me but I would have to finish my pre-req's first. I didn't know that you can take the LPN license after one year so I'm going to look for more info on that... Thanks for the tip...
    Are you in nursing as well? Here's my e-mail address: Perhaps we can talk more...
    nursing 101
  14. by   SteveB
    Hello there fellow Floridian,

    Yes, I'm in nursing and I graduate May 11th. Thank God. I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket as their financial aid dept. is very good about getting you the scholarships and loans you need to cover everything. I actually had about 1500 left over every semester. And, if you want to work at baptist they will pay you 8000 bucks while you are in school as a scholarship for only a one year commitment. This is on top of your financial aid from school and can help you make ends meet. Many of my classmates took this route. If you could finish all the pre reqs you could also do the one or 1 1/2 year accelerated option. However, be warned that this is a brutal load. I chose the basic option and did my 4 1/2 years and it has worked out well. I just took a job in Broward county that starts in june at 19.40 hour base plus 3.20 night diff and another 3.00 weekend diff. So, it is worth it once you finish. Good luck! My email is
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