Nursing in the Reproductive field

  1. Hello,
    My goal one day is to be a nurse in the reproductive field. Is there a speciality for this? I do not see it listed and well, searches do not come up with much. Thanks!! :spin:
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  3. by   allthingsbright
    Yes, OB/GYN is a specialty (obstetrics and gynecology). Is that what you are asking about--women's reproductive?

    Look under the OB forum here. GL!
  4. by   LisaJ_RN
    I meant fertility...doing IUI's and such
  5. by   Daytonite
    the nursing specialties page on the discover nursing website has a listing for reproductive nursing: - reproductive nursing - " nurses in this field provide education and support to individuals, couples, and families regarding fertility, menopause, and other reproductive concerns. these nurses work in clinics that provide treatments, in centers that match egg donors with families, or in counseling programs that help individuals and couples who are having difficulty conceiving." the page includes a long list of links to professional organizations to check out.
  6. by   cardiacRN2006
    You could work for an RE or for a urologist at a clinic or surgical site. I've often thought of doing that myself.

    It seems like RE's don't like doing IUIs anymore (because they are cheap-comparatively). Some IUIs are being done at andrology clinics now, since the sperm needs to be washed anyway.
  7. by   LisaJ_RN
    Yes that is my desire
  8. by   Future_Nurse_Natalie
    I would love to work in a fertility clinic myself. It's my dream job. I just find it facinating! Thanks for the link Daytonite!
  9. by   LisaJ_RN
    I went through fertility issues, and it is really the nurses who do the work....its the nurses who gave me hope and I want to spread that on to someone else, kindof give back.
    I also like hospice care...weird beginning and end.