Nursing Entrance Test, Whats the best way to Prepare?

  1. Do all nursing schools require that you take this test?
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  3. by   TweetiePieRN
    Quote from PickMePlze
    Do all nursing schools require that you take this test?
    My nursing school didn't require an entrance exam. The qualifications were to be finished with ALL prereqs with a B or better. You theoretically could have 1 C in a prereq, but the A and B students are chosen 1st. So, if there are no more slots for the C student...they wouldn't get in.
  4. by   2ner
    Quote from PickMePlze
    Do all nursing schools require that you take this test?
    Get the study guide. My test was word for word from the study guide, but a few of my friends that have taken it recently (i took it July of 02) said it wasn't word for word.

    Good luck and don't stress! It's not bad (just basic stuff).
  5. by   purplemania
    not all schools require the test, but many do in order to eliminate poorly prepared students. The nursing school is evaluated on how many students pass NCLEX, so it is in the interest of the school to only admit students with potential. Makes more room in class for people who are willing/able/ready to get serious about the profession.
  6. by   CNMtobe2012
    The university I applied to did require this exam but, not all schools do. I took it back in April and pass it. I don't know about the school you are referring to but at mine you could only take it twice. It wasn't too bad. The material covered on the exam is relatively easy but my test taking skills aren't the best. It is basically material that you should have master in high school. In order to pass the test you have to average a 70 or more on the math and verbal sections. I used the NET study guide. Order it over the internet for about $15.00. It was really good and refresh my memory in alot of the math areas that I haven't seen in a while. Hope this helps.
  7. by   rjflyn
    It all depends on what test you have to take as well. I had to take the CQT test. Had very little to do with nursing- was basicly a general education test.
  8. by   suzy253
    Yes, my nursing school required a HESI entrance exam. Just general knowledge, reading comprehension, English, math, etc.