Nursing Credit Hours Changed!

  1. They just changed the credit hours in our ADN program. The first semester had been 9 credits and the rest were 12, so that you only needed to take an extra class the first semester-no problem. Now it's 8 the first semester and 10 the rest of the way. Geeze! I know it's a good thing for those that are paying for the program, but for those of us that have Pell grants, it's the pitts. It's even more frustrating because none of the "wonderful" advisers told anyone about this. I was going through the catalog and saw the change. I checked and the clinical credits were changed from 6 to 4, but we have the same times and all.
    Darn it!
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  3. by   pedi-RN
    Call someone and your school and ask if it applies to you since you have already started. At my school, you follow the plan set out for the year you start. So, if you are starting your second year, say, and they change the course plans, it shouldn't apply because you are following yours from a year ago until you graduate. It wouldn't hurt to ask someone.
  4. by   dosamigos76
    Thanks Holli, but I'm just starting this fall, so....... Oh well. I'm just nervous about having to take a four credit course on top of starting the Nursing program.
    assuming I'm accepted, that is.
  5. by   marilynmom
    Ours is set up the same way, where in order to get all my financial aid money I need 12 credit hours per semester (you just get more money when you go full time). So too will be taking an additional class on top of my nursing classes.

    I am not really worried about it though. I have been able to talk to some girls who are in the nursing program and they are taking an additional class on top of the nursing program (mainly BSN pre-reqs) and they said it has not been hard and most are making very good grades. But I am sure it totally depends on the person.

    The good thing about it for me though is by the time I am done with my ADN I will have *all* my BSN pre-reqs done so I will be able to get my BSN in 9 months! (we have a 9 month RN-BSN program). Of course I think I might take a break from school first but it is nice to know that I can get my BSN in 9 months when I want to!

  6. by   tonicareer
    More credit hours and they can charge you more it is as simple as that.