Nurse Study Desk suggestions?

  1. Hello there, I would really like some input. I am a Sophomore and just finishing my first year in the nursing program. I have lived in the dorms both years here where I am going to school, and next year I am finally moving off campus to an apartment nearby my school with two others. I get my own room, and I really am looking to turning it into a nice, quiet, and spacious study space where I can get all my work done. My big question is (for those of you who live in apartments/houses/etc) do you have any great desk recommendations? I prefer L-shaped desks because that is what I am accustomed to. I am looking for one that is not too costly, but definitely large enough to get all the nursing work done and will also fit nicely into a room in an apartment.

    Thank you! I look forward to your suggestions. I appreciate it.
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  3. by   nsummer

    I know someone that has this desk and it's very spacious!
  4. by   BEL985
    I have this desk:

    I also have the matching hutch on top, and plan to purchase the bookshelf soon. It goes on sale frequently, and I paid maybe $220 for the desk AND hutch.

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  5. by   i♥words
    Define "not too costly."
  6. by   hemoglobin11
    Could you elaborate more on the desk? I have actually viewed this one in the past and thought it looked great. Perhaps talk about the pros/cons!?

    Thank you.
  7. by   hemoglobin11
    ^ In response to BEL985 by the way!
  8. by   BEL985
    I have a printer on it, plus I can have 2-3 books and sprawled out and my MacBook too. There's seriously a lot of room, and I have about 10 books on one of the hutch shelves. It's sturdy and survived 2 moves as well. There's a lot of room in the drawers, and there's a file cabinet, too. I have so much crap on it it's unreal, lol. And I keep a calendar on the keyboard slide out.

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  9. by   BEL985
    I have it in Espresso, by the way. Any nicks or dings can be touched up with a black sharpie

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  10. by   hemoglobin11
    Hello again BEL985! Okay, I am seriously thinking about purchasing this desk and am patiently waiting for it to go on sale. Do you have any idea exactly how many times it does go on sale during the year? I am hoping it was just not a Black Friday sale or something when you purchased it, because I sure would love to get it when it is on sale for that nice price you mentioned.

    You should send me a picture of what your desk looks like in your room currently! I like to see pictures of desk when they are a little "lived-in" as opposed to the pictures they have on the Office Depot website where they look pristine haha!

    Thank you. Hopefully you get a notification that I replied late to this and get the chance to reply
  11. by   BEL985
    Oh no, it goes on sale a good bit. I bought mine in January of 2012 I think. Or maybe Feb?! My desk is definitely "lived-in" as we have finals next week, lol. I'm not sure how to send you a picture though?!
  12. by   hemoglobin11
    Okay, I have the webpage of the desk favorited so I can check it daily because I do not want to miss that good deal! Haha, and oh yeah I bet. My finals are in 2 weeks! You can just take a picture of the desk and then upload it to and then it will just generate a link for you to sent to me! Super easy! Whenever you get the chance I'd appreciate it so much you're awesome!
  13. by   honeybadgerdontcare
    If you're in a decently populated area, I highly suggest checking Craigslist. I've found my last 3 desks on there, and haven't paid more than 50 for any of them. There's usually a better selection than any store, too!
  14. by   ER(notso)n00b
    Did you check craigslist? I have a huge oak roll top desk and I got it for $60 on craigslist. They sell for about $2000 brand new!

    edit: just saw someone beat me to it.
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