Now unemployed and SCARED.

  1. Yesterday was my last day of work. I AM OUT OF THE LEGAL PROFESSION They gave me a very nice send off. My boss said he was very sorry but could not find a Harry Potter cake to send me off - Finding Nemo was fine w/ me. They gave me a gift certificate to the nursing store in town. Oh, the possibilites. I would like to buy a cap for every day of the week.

    Today I enjoyed running errands. Tomorrow -who knows - clean house & organize. EEW!

    I am very nervous now. Although we can do ok w/out me having to work, I am just concerned about making it through school.:uhoh21: "One small step for me, one more chance for everyone to run." :chuckle

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    Paralegal - not for long.


  3. by   agent
    Congrats and good luck.. we'll all be here to hear about your progress
  4. by   marci3335
    Congratulations Jenn! Feels good doesn't it?? What was your career in the legal profession? I was a Paralegal for a finance corporation.

  5. by   justjenn
    Marci - I am a personal injury/social security paralegal, but have worked on the real estate end for 3 years now and hated it. Just about the time the rates went sooo low. We went from doing 600 closings a year to 830 as of now. 3 person office is really hard. Plus, I had to do domestic - WHICH I HATE. It just goes to show you some people should not reproduce.

    Glad to be gone.

  6. by   camkib
    Originally posted by justjenn
    [ "One small step for me, one more chance for everyone to run." :chuckle

    Congratulations!!! Enjoy the journey!
  7. by   PennyLane
    I know how you feel, Jen. Last Friday was my last day of work. I got my school bill in the mail yesterday...starting to get a bit nervous. Still haven't found a roommate to help with expenses.
  8. by   Gardengal

    As opposed to saying I'm scared or nervous about big life changes I choose to view it as excited trepidation. Excited about new things, looking forward to new opportunities and challenges but a bit leery about the unknowns and the finances.

    Because we tend to only make these big life changes because of dissatisfaction with current situations, dreams for the future or unrealistic dreams we usually aren't disappointed in the professional arena. You have probably calculated finances, looked at time expenditures, lifestyle changes and current job satisfaction and fulfilling longterm professional ideals. Enjoy your excited trepidation and elcome to our world.

    The only time I fooled myself when I had that feeling was when I decided to leave the single life and get married. That first marriage was a killer! Second is wonderful..On the personal front I should have listened to th edoubts and fears. On th eprofessional front we tend to be very calculating and come up above where we were....
    Good Luck and congrats on your decision.