Now that you are in nursing school are you happy?

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  2. Many work hard to get into nursing school. Many wait months even years to get into nursing school. Now that you are in nursing school is it everything you dreamed it would be? Tell the world how you feel about getting into nursing school and what it means to you.

    I can see that smile in your face. Don't be bashful - YELL IT OUT!

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  4. by   ShesAcuteNurse
    When I got my acceptance letter it was one of the happiest moments of my life because being a nurse has been about the only thing I ever wanted to do. I had worked hard on those prerequisites and I was ready to roll through nursing school. Not even having 3 family members who are nurses, LPN & RNs, prepared me for it. It was an eye opener yet everything I have learned has been so rewarding. In fact, the more I learn the more I want to know. Getting through two semesters with one more to go is just that much more rewarding for me. It does feel like a dream at times, especially now that I am so close to finishing. All I can think about now is that pinning ceremony.
  5. by   K_girl
    I was so happy when I got my acceptance letter! However, during the time I was in school, I noticed myself changing a lot (not for the better). My fiance even says I'm a lot more pleasant to be around now. School really made me angry and serious all the time. I'm so glad I'm finished with it!
  6. by   aachavez
    Yes, absolutely thrilled that I am where I am. The studying never ends, there's always another paper to write, no matter how hard I try I cant get used to getting up at 3am for clinicals, I'm stressed, exhausted, feel like I haven't learned hardly anything in 2 years.... but I wouldn't change it for anything. I love it! Altho I'm definetly ready for it to be over (in 3 months!)
  7. by   nurseintraining1
    I graduate in Dec with my BSN and I am so excited. I remember the 1st day of class. Many cups of coffee and sleepless nights staying up doing careplans. I am so glad it will all be over soon!
  8. by   rubato
    Yes and no. I am so happy to be in nursing school. I am happy at the thought of my future career. But, the work in my first year almost killed my marriage. It's hard and it kind of sucks. It will be worth it in the end so I don't mind. And, I still have that smile on my face!
    When I got my acceptance letter I was the happiest person in the world, nothing could have wiped that smile off of my face. Then the first semester came and I was like what did I get myself into. Nothing could have prepared me for what was and even what still is in store for me ( I have one year left). I am still happy because I know that being apart of any nursing program is a blessing and not something to take for granted.
  10. by   chocoloverr
    Same here! Excited to start nursing school soon!
  11. by   thankful77
  12. by   mjo07
    That picture is SO me right now! haha except with bags under my eyes and a very sleepy big smile.
  13. by   gianegizelle