Not enough time to finish my Chemistry test!

  1. I had a very long difficult Chemistry test yesterday and had an hour to do it in which seems like it would be enough time but it wasn't. Myself and three others didn't get to finish it. The next class was outside the door waiting to get in 15 minutes before hand and kept opening the door laughing and talking loudly which was distracting to me and to top it all off I was hurrying because the professor was saying for us to hurry up. She came up to me and took my test before I was even done. That SUCKS!
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  3. by   AmyLiz
    Ugh. That stinks. Sorry to hear that. Did you have a lot left to do, or just a few? I've got my first chem quiz tonight...been studying like a madwoman!
  4. by   JudithL_in_NH
    That does stink! Particularly if you weren't allowed to concentrate for the final 15 minutes. It was very inconsiderate (and not very good pedagogy, either) of the of the prof both to rush you and allow the distractions to continue in the hall.

    You may want to ask her if next time she can make some kind of accommodation--either make the doorway off limits to the next class (a big sign saying "Test in progress DO NOT interrupt" is all it takes) or arrange an alternate location for testing where the class won't be disturbed. Sounds to me like she doesn't know much about quality assessment practices if she allowed the distractions AND bullied you.

    Hope things work out better next time.
  5. by   happystudent
    aww, chem bytes!

    maybe you should talk to your professor about not having enough time.

    You will do better next time
    good luck
  6. by   LeesieBug
    Yes, you could try talking to the instructor. Our Chem. instructor lets us come in fifteen minutes early if we would like to get started ahead of time. That helps some students quite a bit, since this guy gives killer tests that are extremely long. We had a twenty page test once that consisted of maybe 5 pages of multiple choice, followed by page after page of calculations, short answer, reactions, etc. UGH!

    I feel your pain!! Hang in there!
  7. by   Mithrah
    I hate timed tests! If I know we have to be done by a certain time I go over the test really fast and save the hard questions for last. That way I at least finish the test and can organize my time better. Usually I am one of the last 5 students to finish tests, but not on my drug calculations test...I was the first one done and I got a 100% on it!
  8. by   javamom
    I know in my chem class, about 1/3 the class (out of 100 students) don't finish their tests. They've talked to him and it's a no go! In his opinion, chemistry is a "mastered" skill and if practiced enough, you should fly through the problems. (insert my rolling eyes here).

    The only thing I can say is do homework problems every night. I've taken two chem classes and in organic chem this semester. The first chem class I took, I passed by the skin of my arse! And it was mostly b/c of the lost points from not completing the entire test. Chem stinks! It is by far the worst subject I've ever took part in :chuckle Thank goodness I don't need anymore chem the REST of my life after this semester!

    Good luck on the next test!
  9. by   litebrite
    I would talk to the Prof. especially since your last 15 minutes you couldn't concentrate. That is not a good test taking environment. I would have complained right then and there. I have to have it really quiet. I would talk to them so it doesn't happen again. Good Luck!