No EHR access during clinicals

  1. Hello all,

    During my clinical rotations this semester at the same parent hospital (there are multiple in the area), all of my fellow students in clinical do not have personal student access to patient's EHR. The only person who has access now is my clinical instructor. If my clinical instructor is helping another student then all students have to wait a while to access it and if we mess up entering any data it is under our instructors name. I am also expected each week to complete a health assessment and care plan for my patient.

    Apparently my university gave the hospital our names for us to be reinstated in the EHR system. According to my university, the hospital did not input our names in time and now it is too late and we don't have it at all for the rest of the semester. I addressed this to the school because they are now just telling us that we won't have access when we are already 6 weeks into our semester. My question is, has any other nursing student run into this problem with hospitals or university and not having personal student EHR access?

    It concerns me because one of my clinical instructors did not have access for several weeks and students did not have information on their assigned patient. This included H&P, allergies, NPO or aspiration status, etc. I am concerned that both my university and the hospital are putting patients at risk. Now because I made these concerns aware to the school wants to talk to me because I pushed them to find out answers and express my disappointment.
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  3. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    We didn't have access the first two weeks, but my nurse printed out the med list and gave me a copy of the report sheet. Everything just has to be shredded before we leave the hospital. Is there any way you can get information that way? Or maybe check out your patient the night before?
  4. by   DaliHerder
    We can use our clinical instructor's log on but if she is not there then we have no access to it. We, as students, will not have access for the entire semester.
  5. by   FullGlass
    During my BSN program 2013 to 2014, I had a rotation w/o EHR access. The first was L&D in a fairly large hospital. The students were not allowed to access the EHR, but the unit had the important information on paper. We were expected to come in one hour before the rotation started in order to get the necessary information. That was true for all my clinicals, even the ones with EHR access.

    If your instructor has to take longer to allow you to access the needed information, and is doing so, then you have just put in the extra time.

    If however, there is not enough time for the students to get the required information, then you are well within your rights to express concern. Either the access has to be granted or the assignments need to be modified. Don't be afraid to make your case. Just because the school wants to talk to you doesn't mean you are going to be "punished." The school may want to see what they can do to rectify the situation. Good luck.
  6. by   DaliHerder
    As students, we are are not allowed to be on the floor without our instructor. Luckily I am fast and know how to access all the necessary information I need but other students are not as quick as I am. We are 100% not allowed to print anything out ourselves. Information must be filled out on our patient care plans that we have. The norm is to have student EHR access.
    With this school, it will be punishment. I can personally attest that they do not like listening to any student concerns because I have come to them with previous other concerns.
  7. by   DowntheRiver
    I don't think it is right, but I'm trying to think of solutions to get you through the semester. Can you use a brain sheet and be with your patient's nurse during report? Can you ask the patient's nurse questions? I mean, you should be able to but some nurses don't like students/don't have time for students (sad reality). You can then fill in the gaps when your nursing instructor finally gets around to you.

    Good luck to you, I wish you the best.