NLN Exam

  1. We have to take a NLN exam at the end of this semester and was wondering what it was for, what to expect, and where to get study books/materials?
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  3. by   Ortho_RN
    Well the reason we are required to take the test is for admission ranking purposes.... To me the test is just like an ACT or SAT, half of the questions you have never heard of, the other half have nothing to do with your major... The bookstore at the college I attend had a sample test that you could buy.... You could also go to the NLN website and they have sample tests that you can get.... GOOD LUCK...
  4. by   moni rn
    i had to take the nln exam, also. i bought all 4 of the nln practice exams and the book that the nln offers. i also bought the barron's book at barnes & noble.

    i hope this helps you some!
  5. by   Agnus
    There is more than one type of NLN exam that I am familiar with. They are both standarized. The first on is a pre admission exam that is designed to predict you sucess as a nursing student. The other is taken in the final semester of school to determine you sucess on the NCLEX (licensing exam) The last one tells you you strengths ans weaknessess to help you to prepare for the NCLEX.

    To my knowledge it is not expected that you study for these exams persay. They are diagnostic.
  6. by   lvnmom
    Ours may be a little diffrent but we just took ours yesterday.It was hard but we were told not to study or stress for it.It was just an indicator to us on how we would do on our NCLEX and what we would need to focus more on etc...Good luck
  7. by   Forevermomof5
    I am taking the NLN pre-entrance exam in a short while too. I sent for the practice exams too and they do give some indication of what will be on the exam.

    I also went to the library and checked out the NLN book for the exam. It has a lot of great tips.
  8. by   Debstr
    Hey Forevermomof5! I'm in Las Vegas too and just took the test in September. I checked out the NLN Entrance Exam Guide from our local library and it helped me immensely in math. I'm one of those "math phobes". I scored lousy in the science section due to the physics and thermodynamics stuff. Even though the practice tests were helpful, I was unable to retain those topics because I hadn't had them before. I'm pleased with my score of 131 I'm competing for one of the available seats in the January class.

    Best of luck in A&P!!

  9. by   Forevermomof5
    It's so great to know someone else is going through what I am, where I am!

    I am applying for the January 2003 but hopefully I'll get in in the fall. I was told by the advisor that for the past 5 semesters they haven't had a full class and that they're pushing up people. I hope that happens to me!

    Maybe we'll see each other at school!
  10. by   selulion
    I have never heard of the NLN exam. Is it a national exam, or only given in certain areas? I e-mailed my nursing school, but they have not replied. I am applying to nursing school in August. Any comments/ suggestions?