1. Hi, my name is Nichole and I am new to the boards. I was wondering if any of you guys had any advice for me. You see the problem is...
    I have always made A's and B's but this semester is a bit different. It is my med-surge II class. I am failing!!! i made a 73.4 on my first test and a 76.6 on my second one. I'm sure you all know that a 77 is passing. My average is a 75. I don't know what to do. I have 2 tests left which are 15 percent each and a final which is 40 percent. I don't know if i should give up or keep going. Every test is cummulative and i don't know what to do.. It's not like i'm sitting on my butt and not studying. I do study, i put a lot into it. When i look over my tests i do notice that i'm not thinking "outside the box" and that's a problem with tests like this. I don't know if it's to late to do something about it or what. PLEASE help. i need anythign that you guys can give me. Have any of you started out failing and passed??
    Thank you
    [font=Book Antiqua] Nichole
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  3. by   Carolanne
    Oh, boy, your story sounds like a carbon copy of mine from med surg last semester. I was doing great on all of my paperwork and clinicals were fine, but I was bombing the tests. I was put on academic probation at midsemester and given the option to drop the course and retake it in the spring. I took had trouble w/ the wording of the questions on the tests. I found TREMENDOUS help with NCLEX review questions - even your local library might have some if you don't want to wait to order a book. Also while at the library, pick up some kiddie books on areas that you're having trouble in (I'm not kidding - I'm 44 and was checking out the Children's Department with 6 yo's running around me). For me it was the blood and endocrine. I got some simple books for this simple mind :chuckle and between that and the NCLEX books, I raised my next exam grade up from a 73 to a 91, passed the final and got a B- for the course. So long story cut short, switch to "Plan B" and the way you're studying and you'll pull through. Good luck!
  4. by   BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    You are not alone! I too am in 2nd semester Med-Surg and made a 67 on my first exam and an 80 on my 2nd - my average is 73 which is not good enough. Keep studying!! Maybe invest in a tape recorder to tape the lectures and then listen to them whenever you are in you car. I never thought about the kiddie books, Carol, that's an interesting concept! Living in a small town, we don't have a big library selection on anything, but next time I'm there I might check that out too!

    Good luck Nichole, let us know how you are doing! And, no matter what, don't give up!!
  5. by   kahumai
    Hi Nichole,
    Try to cheer up; you're only missing the 77% by a few points, and those are possible to make up if you try.

    I would suggest that you evaluate how it is you study. Is it usually alone? Try a study group. Is it usually in a group? Head to the quiet section of the library by yourself. Or, try a combination of both. I have found that using an NCLEX review book (one that has rationales for all answers-very important!!!) has been sooooo helpful. I use Saunders Comprehensive review, and I know alot of other people on this site have it and like it alot.

    I also bought a $5 dry erase board and dragged my boyfriend away away from the X-Box :chuckle and into my office to quiz me on signs/symptoms, treatments, and the pathophysiology of whatever it is I had to study. My first test was a 74%. And I just found out this week that my second test was a 91%, with a class average of 82%.

    I worked my butt off trying new methods of studying for this test, and it obviously worked. Try something different for your next test that you never have before, and hopefully you'll post a message that your hard work paid off. And if all else fails, post back any questions you have right here and we'll all be happy to answer them!

    Good Luck on your next test!!! Don't give up!!!!!!!