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  1. by   NurseSue
    Is anyone else going to be working 30+ hours while in nursing school?
  2. by   LoriB

    I'm applying both to Drexel and to Jefferson. I have a BS and am doing a second degree accelerated program. I heard that Abington's program is wonderful.

    I can't work at the same time because the acclerated program is one year of intense work. Two days of class (5 or 6 classes each semester) and three days of clinicals but I'll have my BSN in one year. Oh that sounds tough when I say it.

    Good luck!

  3. by   Kim62
    Hello NurseSue,

    I will be working 40 hours a week while in school. This should be interesting!
  4. by   H ynnoD
    I'll also be working 40 hrs a week or as close as I can when the nursing part of my school starts.Plan on using as much of my vacation time as possible then...
  5. by   redwinggirlie
    Hi all!
    I just turned 40 and on the same day got my authorization to test for my RN. Not bad, since I promised myself I'd be an RN by the time I turned 40 (ok, so I'm stretching it a couple of days.... nclex is in a week)
    This is my third career and I'm very excited to be in nursing.
    Glad to be here!
  6. by   redwinggirlie
    If you can opt out of the 40 hour work week, do! I worked as little as possible and took the student loans offered and (though pb and j sandwiches got old) I did all right through school. Sure, I've got a bit of debt, but it's only a small percentage rate and I got to spend a lot of time on schooling. Guess that was the most important thing. What helped (financially) was discontinuing cable, internet and home phone (have a cell). It wasn't a problem.
  7. by   Gotzfaith
    I will have no choice, for me working is a requirment. To keep my medical coverage, I must work a minimum of 30 hour per week. I know the pace is going to be tough, but I will take it all one day at a time.
  8. by   SirJohnny
    Just reading the messages posted here....

    Went to my first A&P I class on Monday (6/2/2003) and I would say about 20 out of the 40 students are 30+ years of age. I am 39 myself.

    I currently work 60 hours a week. I do Java Software Programming full-time and then teach two computer classes two evenings a week (5:30PM-10:00PM). I sneak in study time where-ever and when-ever I can.

    As long as I don't get overloaded with a major project at work (the Java job), things should go ok.

    Finally, after dreaming about this for past 5 yrs, I am actually getting started.

    BTW/ I have two persians "Darth" & "Raisin" that keep me company while I hit the books.

    Gotta run,

    John Coxey
  9. by   new2nursing
    Hi all,
    I am 42, Graduated last Sept.and am a mom of 5 boys. I not only survived the course but went on to become a ICU nurse directly finishing school, I did my senior in ICU and have been there 8.5 months now. And today I am looking for newer ventures, I have applied for Dialysis position and of course with this comes more school. Oh Yeah. Don't ever say you can't achieve, because once you put your heart and soul into it anything is possible
  10. by   boopchick

    Yes I'll be working 30+ hours a week while I'm in school. No choice really...single mom of 2 teenagers.
  11. by   Dublin37
    I didn't know they had nurses colleges anymore. Are they set on a hospitals premises? Can you get a BSN as well as an RN? Where are they?
  12. by   Mkue
    Originally posted by new2nursing
    Hi all,
    Don't ever say you can't achieve, because once you put your heart and soul into it anything is possible

    good advice
  13. by   NurseSue
    It makes me feel not so alone knowing that others are going to be working while in nursing school. I am nervous about spreading myself too thin - school, work, kids, husband and house. How do others feel?