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Hi everyone!:roll My name is Courtney and I'm starting an ADN program Sept. 2. I'm 26, married, and the mom of an adorable little red-headed girl who is 3. I've already gotten all of my... Read More

  1. by   Jen2

    Ahhh Yes. They sit down in the phleb chair and say, " You get one try, my veins roll, no one can ever get me, and you must use a butterfly needle." Then you put the tourniquet on and the hugest pipeline in the world presents itself. At my hospital butterfly's are rare and few between and we do draw newborns, so I refuse to use one on an adult unless I absolutely have to. I simply explain that they have a huge vein and I'm very experienced, I let them know that if we use butterfly's on them that it will take longer because the blood has further to travel to get into the tube, and once they here this they usually say "O.K. sounds like you know what you are doing, go ahead." Having blood drawn is usually not everyones favorite thing, and they want to get in and out ASAP, so when it's presented like this, it usually works. I think alot of patients just want to test your knowledge. Thats why I hate sticking out-patients. I love sticking on the floors and in the ER. I found that the heallthy out-patients are more hard to work with and more demanding then the poor people who are truly ill. It's one of those things I guess. It's nice to vent to another phleb. Do you work in a hospital? I will also start my clinicals this fall. I'm so excited. I cried when I got my letter. I'm very fortunate to be 25 single, no kids, and just moved back home with a very supportive mom after being on my own since I was 18. Had to cut my hours at work during my last semester of pre-reqs that I couldn't afford rent no more. Chemistry almost killed me, it was either going to be me or it and thank goodness I won in the end. Keep me posted on your Difficult patients, I would also like to get input on how other people handle them. Good Luck.
  2. by   txreyna
    Thanks Jen2! You have been a HUGE help, and don't worry I'll remind them I get a turn too. I can't wait to start my class now! Is it better to work in a hospital or a clinic as a phleb.?

  3. by   Jen2
    I think it is better to work in a hospital. Especially going into nursing. You get to see so much. You also get to witness alot of how much work it is to actually become a nurse. Those nurses are great, and I can honestly say that until I began working in the hospital, I never realized how much the nurses actually did.

    Gives you a tiny sense of what your in for.
  4. by   neelyt
    Hello, all I am going to apply for the nursing program at the university of Texas and would like to know what I can expect in the application process. I would also like to know what kind of pre study would help me if I am accepted. Thank you for any help you can give me. Tom.
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  6. by   LoriB

    Where are you in Pa? What hospital do you work at and what school do you go to if you don't mind me asking?

  7. by   getbabygirl
    I took phlebotomy also. I thought that it was easy doing the sticks on each other in class but when I got to my clinical site, which was at the VA medical center. I totally choked. I was so nervous.

    The preceptors didn't make it any easier for me, they would scold the patients and tell them if they didn't be quiet they were gonna let "the student" draw their blood.

    I had patients that didn't want to work with me because I was a student. I actually had one make me cry. Many of the patients were old so most of them had rolling veins. I thought that phlebotomy was a great learning experince but I'm also glad that it's over. I will never chose the VA as a clinical site again!!!

    But Good luck to you and like someone else said, It "is" all about self confidence.
  8. by   txreyna
    baby girl--

    That was horrible of the preceptors!!! People are scared enough when getting their blood drawn without unprofessional comments like that.

    I have never understood people like that. I think they make the situation worse for everyone.

    I'm really glad you had a good experience overall though.

    How have you made use of your phlebotomy skills and how has it helped having the class so far?

    I'm really hoping taking this class will take the anxious edge off clinicals for me and give me the opportunity to work in a healthcare setting while I am in school.

    As always...thanks for all the great input!