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  1. Hi y'all! I'm new to this forum so figured I'd jump on in.
    After finishing three years of prerequisites I am entering the RN program in August. I was so relieved when I passed the NLN and was accepted into the program but will admit to feeling a bit nervous, especially since there seem to be so many people who think I'm doomed. So far with prereqs I'm holding a 4.0 GPA, not that that matters really. At my age, almost 40, I take this seriously. Heavens knows, I'll have to. The biggie worry? While I'm taking the Nursing I courses, I'll also be taking Anatomy/Physiology...Part I in the Fall and Part II in the Spring. Even the nursing instructor said it was impossible to expect to take them both and pass. I've had others, though, who say they believe I can do it, including my advisor. Her reasoning is that the instructors are going by what they 've seen in students who haven't applied themselves as my advisor says she knows I do.....whooo, what a tongue twister so please forgive grammatical's late and I should be in bed...but....
    Anyhoo, I was discouraged to hear this from the instructor. I purchased two different books off of eBay....Anatomy Coloring Book and the Physiology Coloring Book, figuring if I use my time wisely during summer break, at least I won't go into A & P totally blind about it, right?
    I dunno. How many of y'all have taken them all together? The only alternative I have is to take A & P only and enter nursing classes next year but I really don't want to! I want to do this now! I'm anxious to be a nurse, I've worked so hard already, and for goodness sake, I'm not getting any younger. Someone please encourage me, will ya?
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Love your signature

    I took my pre-reqs over two years when I was 37 and that included anatomy and physiology, which were two separate classes. I took anatomy first and basically alone. It was very all encompassing. I was advised to only take an easy class with Anatomy or no other classes at all. It was alot of work. But I drove 70 miles one way to school and had three children in school and I made a commitment that my kids would come first so my homework suffered. I remember crying over the dishes one night "I can't do this" . . . . arrgghh. I wouldn't go back for anything. Physiology and Micro were hard but not as hard as Anatomy. Got into nursing school right away and graduated when I was 41.

    Everyone is different. You have to judge for yourself.

    I truly don't mean to discourage you. Your advisor seems to have a good grasp on your learning style and motivation. I just don't want you to think it will be a "cake-walk". I don't think it is fair to give you that impression.

    Best wishes and WELCOME. Hope you appreciate honesty.

  4. by   l_wheat
    Congrats! I wish you much luck, my girlfriend had a heck of a time with anatomy during her pre-reqs, and she was VERY diligent in studying. You sound like youre a very studious person so you should be ok, the most important thing is that youre in the program, here in CA its so competative and my junior college goes on a point system, you have to have pretty much a 4.0 to even get in, and thats including all of your science classes.
  5. by   cna on her way
    I can honestly say that I know a handful of people taking Anatomy with nursing and they all are doing fine. Granted that most are making a C but thats passing so who cares. Just do what you can do and try as hard as possible. You will be fine.
  6. by   LaceyA.
    Welcome to the boards!
    Anatomy is tough, but like cna on her way said, try your hardest and you'll do fine!

  7. by   Angelica
    When I started nursing school (ADN) I still had 6 co-reqs to take along with the nursing classes. It can definitely be done! I graduated with a 3.92 GPA. The world is full of negative people whose sole mission is to bring other people down. Work hard and you will succeed!!
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    We had to have all of our pre-req completed BEFORE applying to nursing school so it wasn't even an issue for me to take classes during my nursing school education. Interesting all the different ways people go to nursing school. I personally think it is a little unfair to ask students to do pre-reqs at the same time they are in nursing school. All that is supposed to be preparation work so you can focus on NURSING.

    I don't think it is fair to say people are being negative when maybe they have a different perspective about how hard things may be. Their "sole mission" is not to bring people down but to be honest about their own experiences. Next to labor pains, going back to school was the most difficult thing I've ever done. And saying so isn't negative.

  9. by   natsfanrn
    One of the girls in my A&P class last year was also taking the first-year nursing classes -- she worked hard but she managed. It can be done and I'm sure you'll do fine.

    BTW, what program in VA are you going into? I'm in VA myself and starting the nursing program in August, at NVCC...
  10. by   Catma63
    Oh yes, Stevielynn, I've already had to put up with difficulty in just being back to school. After 20 years of being out, it was hard hard hard. However, it's been worth it so far. I have no delusions in thinking that any of this is going to be easy. I just don't want to think or hear that it's impossible. I already don't have a life (haha) so I don't have a problem with the 20 hours minimum of studying time it's going to take me per week.....or more than that if needed. Once school starts I'll only be working four days out of each month....the rest of the time will be focused solely on my sons and my studies. Social life can return in two years, no prob.
    Angelica, thank you for your post. Now, that's EXACTLY the kind of thing I need to hear. I just got off the phone with a man who was telling me how he would help his wife study until the wee hours of the morning when she was going for her nursing degree at the age of 41. He told me she also had to take A & P on top of nursing but she did it. I told him I was meant to talk to him and he lifted my spirits and encouraged me more than I could begin to say.
    Stevielynn, here A & P is not a prereq. Used to be, from what I hear, but as long as it's completed before graduation they don't care when you take it. The only prereqs at my college are maths, englishs, psychology, sociology, chemistry, and humanities. I took four different maths (Me, who hates and fears math!) and passed them all. Really felt that the math was going to hold me back and prevent me from achieving this dream. No, I don't suppose I could've let that happen any more than I can A & P defeat me, right?
    Anyway, thanks y'all! :-)
  11. by   Angelica
    You don't think it's negative for a nursing instructor to tell a student that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a student to pass the two classes? I don't understand what you would consider negative, then.
    I'm not disputing that it's preferable to take all classes before starting nursing (especially A&P), but it's nowhere near impossible to pass nursing and an additional class. I'm proof, and I'm not that special.
  12. by   Mkue

    I don't think it's impossible at all.

    I took A&P II with several difficult courses at the same time and passed, it can be done, especially for over 40! Sounds like you are used to being back in school and probably have devloped test taking strategies.

    Good Luck

    also, I had the coloring books but never used them, that's a good idea to get a head start. I know many ppl who used them and benefited.

  13. by   Spidey's mom
    Originally posted by Angelica
    You don't think it's negative for a nursing instructor to tell a student that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a student to pass the two classes? I don't understand what you would consider negative, then.
    I'm not disputing that it's preferable to take all classes before starting nursing (especially A&P), but it's nowhere near impossible to pass nursing and an additional class. I'm proof, and I'm not that special.
    Angelica . . I did not realize that you were speaking about a nursing instructor saying the above . . . I guess I took it a little personally and thought you were talking about me being negative.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding . . . and I do feel that the nursing instructor's comments were uncalled for.

    It is NOT impossible. It will be hard.

    Good luck.

  14. by   Angelica
    Stevielynn- I'm glad we go that straightened out