New Grad with no Job

  1. I graduated last year and have had the worst luck .I started a new grad program that was postponed for months .. I found another job for a hospice company that laid me off after 2 months . How do you know if your right for nursing?. I loved my job but I can't find anything else. How do you keep going when no one wants to hire you ? .. Help!!
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  3. by   redtshirt
    There's no jobs to be had when i qualify either. Putting on a brave face and applying for everything in sight is our only option. Hope things get better for you
  4. by   EcyRN
    we're on the same boat...graduated job until now..they say texas has a lot to offer for new grads..sooo wrong..its hit by the economy too..i guess we all should be patient..currently in front of my laptop..looking for anything and just any job i can take.
  5. by   lilredbean
    Thanks for all the support..your all right we have to put on a brave face and just keep looking. New grad programs in cali are taking few nurses .. nurses that are returning to work and new RN's with LVN experience... so I guess i have to keep looking the worst part for me is that i landed the job and then got laid off but I only accrued a couple months of experience.. but lets keep going . I guess atleast I know im not alone in the struggle
  6. by   keithjones
    Best advice I've seen is to volunteer or do whatever you can to keep your skills current. Things will come back around in the next year or 2, but you won't stand a chance against recent grads when that time comes if your last clinical experience is a year or more old! Also, if a position opens up at a place you are volunteering at they will let you know about it before advertising it!
  7. by   COLPN
    Are you willing to relocate?? I posted my resume and profile on a couple of the internet job sites and had lots of hospitals and recruiters calling me and setting up interviews for me. I also applied to tons of jobs all over the country and interviewed just to get the experience. Just go to those sites and type in new grad, new graduate, or internship in the search field. I was willing to relocate to get my foot in the door. Not sure if your in the same situation. There were also some hospitals willing to set up interviews for jobs that were not specifically for new grads.
  8. by   EcyRN
    no. unfortunately, i am not willing to relocate. there are a lot of recruiters calling about new grad positions away from my area. so for those who are willing to relocate, go online and sign up for those career sites. its gonna help. for those who cant relocate, well, i guess its gonna take a little difficult.