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  1. Hi everyone
    Not sure if this question was asked already, I couldn't find a thread for it. BUT, I was wondering when is the best time to begin applying for new grad RN residencies? I believe I've heard right before the final semester or before taking the NCLEX?

    Background: I am currently about to begin my 3/4 semester of nursing school! Just want to stay on track

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   chare
    The new graduate residency at my facility starts twice yearly, in January and June, with the application period generally opening in September and January respectively. These dates generally coincide with the start and graduation of the final semester for the majority of programs in the area. Although most facilities time the application period around the local graduation cycle, some might have start dates inconsistent with these dates. As such, you might consider regularly viewing the nurse recruitment websites of facilities you're considering 8 months prior to graduation.

    Best wishes on the upcoming job search, and kudos to you for being proactive!
  4. by   direw0lf
    Some hospitals have specific application and start times, and others are open year round to applicants, where applying asap is ALWAYS best! And it doesn't hurt to email/call HR to ask...shows you are taking the initiative and responsibility.

    In my case, I was offered a nurse residency position back in August because I had done a nurse internship last summer. The students in my class who did not do the internship applied between October and January. Those after January have not heard back. (my class graduated in May). When we pass the NCLEX, we are to contact the person we were told in order to begin the residency program.

    For example though, I applied to another hospital system that had application dates open only March through June (for those graduating this May) and have a mandatory start date by July 15th I believe. Another residency program in that same city had an application due date by the end of February!
  5. by   CEMMDRN
    The hospitals all have different times in which they open up the link for nurse residency applications. Keep looking at the websites/Facebook pages/LinkedIn pages of the hospitals that you are interested in and prepare your resume and cover letter in the meantime.

    I am currently on my last semester and will graduate in August. I am applying for a nurse residency position this week that starts in October.

    Best wishes.