new grad jitters..........oh my!!!!!!!

  1. to all of you soon to be grads....................The closer I get to graduation I have been getting pangs of anxiety. It seems the more I learn the more I realize that I don't know. I mean right now in a pt room, I can say I don't know let me get the nurse!!!!! and having your instructor to shield you from some aspects of the profession will be gone. I realize with nursing you are constantly learning, which is wonderful i think. Maybe I will feel better after my preceptorship. I just wanted to kind of get and idea about what others are feeling right now! My anxiety isn't overwhelming, but I find myself having dreams,and daydreaming at times. any input would be great. Janice

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  3. by   paula4ms
    I was thinking the same thing today as I couldn't convince a pt that she needed am care. I mean, if I can't convince someone they need a bath, how will I do with other more important issues? I had to get the RN. I'm sure we will both be fine. One reason is that with every new procedure or task that I can do without instruction, my confidence builds. I feel from your post you feel the same. So again, we will both be fine. And remember you are not alone, I for one feel the same way you do.
  4. by   BrandyBSN
    Hi Janice!!!! I am here

    Today I have been "defending my honor" or something like that on the Nursing Spectrum Bulletin Board site. Hasn't been real pleasant, but atleast I have friends that i can relate to here I have missed you! I hadnt seen you on AOL for quite a while. I have been buried up to my ears in homework, and prep for graduation. I still read everything everyday, but I haven't posted a whole lot because no matter what it was, i was getting flammed for it. no matter how diplomatic a post can be, someone will always get pissy because of it It was just easier not to post that much, yet I still keep up with moderator duties and reported posts I love all of you, even though we may not agree on every single issue. Students at all levels are SO SUPPORTIVE of eachother. Yet, it seems that when we get that license in the mail, we turn into enemies. I would ask all students to remember this closeness, supportive way of communication so that when we ARE nurses, we dont fight like past generations tend to do. It has to start with us, as I fear it is too late for many seasoned nurses to view the world in a less hostile way. Lets make sure we never turn on eachother. Nurses and students at every level need support. Lets make an effort not to let that slip away

    Hugs to all that need them,
  5. by   fergus51
    Perfect post Brandy. As a semi experienced RN I couldn't agree more about the infighting.

    Have any of you nervous students looked into what kind of orientation packages you can get as a new grad? More hospitals are offering mentorship programs. I worked in one as a new grad and it made the transition from student to "real" nurse a lot smoother. I had a GREAT mentor for a whole year and I still keep in touch with her. We worked the same shifts for four months, then we met once a week for another four, then whenever we had time. It was so nice to see a supportive RN after all the infighting!!
  6. by   Agnus
    It is kind of weird when you can no longer say, "I'll get the nurse," because you are the nurse. Don't worry though it is unlikely your first job will be one were you are the only nurse. You will always have your collegues to consult. It is really kind of fun, once you start being the nurse and putting to use all you know, in thinking on you feet.

    Believe it or not convincing a pt. that they need a bath will always be among the toughest communication tasks you'll have.

    Sometimes this is an issue where it is better not to give the pt. a choice, or the opportunity to refuse. Paternalistic? Yes. But some would never take one otherwise.

    I am dealing with such a patient today. Fortunately she knows from first hand experience what skin break down means and I am using as kind of a threat to get her into the whirlpool today. I've told her, "this is not an option." That her back IS breaking down. (stage I) and it is due to her countinual refusal to take a whirlpool.
    She does not want to be touched at all. I have the CNA's and P.T. and others backing me up and supporting me.

    The other stuff is cake next to the issue of baths. Just think of it as dealing with little boys. They hate baths but mom does get them clean. Sometimes you must be a parent to patients.
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  7. by   nursedawn67
    janleb, don't worry, you will get the "hang" of it. Nursing school doesn't prepare you for the real world. But trust me there are other nurses you can ask for opinions and walking through procedures with you. I have been there. You don't have to say anything in front of the pt's, just step out of the room for a sec ask the more experienced nurse if you are unsure and then go "step up to bat". you can do this, alot of the time procedures just come to memory once faced with doing them on your own. Good luck!