New baby & starting school???

  1. I was just wondering if I could ask other moms' a question. I'm pregnant with my second baby and I'm due Febuary 10th. And I also have a 3yr old at home. I've decided that I want to be an RN, and my question to you is...When do you think would be the best time to enroll in school?
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  3. by   Rena RN 2003

    my son was a little older when i went back to school. he was all of 6 months old when i registered and 8 months old on the first day of classes

    but i must say that i was only part-time. i had classes 4 days a week but i was only gone 3-4 hours a day. when i was home, i put him beside me on the sofa when i was studying. it gave me a very good reason to take frequent breaks

    i think it is whatever you want to do. do you want to stay home and enjoy every last second with the baby? or do you think that children can survive without having you there for a few hours a day?
  4. by   memphispanda
    I decided I wanted to be an RN when baby # 3 was about 1 month old. I didn't start school until he was 2.5 though, and then only part-time to get my pre-reqs. I also have 2 other children who are now 6 and 12, my little one will be 4 this month. I started school full-time this semester, and the hardest part has been the financial burden...the loss of my income and the added cost of having my youngest in daycare. There is no way I could have put two in daycare. You just have to evaluate your situation and see what is reasonable for you to do. How will you pay for daycare while you are at school, or do you have someone to watch your kids for free? If your kids get sick while you are in class or clinical, will you have to leave to get them? How much time will you be able to spend on studying? There are a couple of people in my class with children about toddler age now, so it can be done. I would just be sure to evaluate your situation thoroughly before getting in too early and getting frustrated.
  5. by   kimmicoobug
    You could go ahead and do it, but it is hard with babies. I did it. I was a student while I got pregnant with my second (first one had just turned two). I went to nursing school up until I was about 8 mos pregnant and then dropped out to be with child number one and to have baby. I have a feeling, though, that even if I weren't pregnant, I would have dropped out for financial reasons. When my son was six months old, I went back to school. My son is now 20 months old and I am seven months from graduation. I won't lie, this has been hard, but if you have the right kind of support system, it is doable.
  6. by   MelH cant let this discourage you but I would highly recommend waiting until you are ready to put both the babies in daycare full time and then not see them for for 3-4 hours after that. I have a 3 year old myself and honestly it kills me what little time I get to spend with her!! I know it will be worth it when I graduate and honestly I have a couple of people in school with me right now who are taking nursing plus other courses and have 3 kids....they are struggling but making it. I would recommend waiting until you feel ready to take on nursing..if you think you can do it....GO FOR IT! because remember you can do anything you set your mind to! Nursing school is a 7 day a wk (the hours vary day to day) job with reading, studying, clinicals, clinincal paperwork are constantly doing nursing. Don't get mewrong...ITAKE MY BREAKS...but it seriously doesn't stop. I would like to paint a pretty picture for you regarding the course work but to do that would not be fair. It's tough and demanding but if you feel up to it I say GO FOR IT!! Let us know what you decide!! Good luck!
  7. by   TeresaRN2b
    I am pregnant now due in late April. I am going back in January and planning to take the summer off and go back again in August. I see no reason you can't go back in the August term. And I disagree with the posts above about waiting till you're ready to put your kids in daycare. My kids have not had to go to daycare yet. You very well may need to look into it, but you can start working on prereqs during nights and weekends during the Fall term until you would need to go full time. I wouldn't go back full time your first semester I would start part time in the fall and see how you feel and if you're up to it try full time in January. That being said you might be able to even squeeze in an online class over the summer if you think you're up to it. I know this can be done! I went fall of 2001 when my daughter was 4 months old. I took two classes. I took this past year off because the school I had been attending wasn't going to work for me and I had to research to find one that had a part time option (very hard to find by the way). I also am proud to say that I breastfed exclusively and still pulled off a good GPA. It can be done.

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  8. by   Kimberly_1999
    Teresa...thank you so much for your thread. I WAS starting to get conserned and doubt myself on whether or not I could do it with two children. The plan that you have is exactly what I had in mind for myself! This fall go part time and when my 3yr old is in school full time, I can leave the baby with my sister and possible pick up full time. I too breastfeed my children exclusively and that is another concern I had. I know I can do this, it's something I really want!
  9. by   TeresaRN2b
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  10. by   maire
    I seem to be a little late on the draw here, but will put in my 2 cents. My son is 8 months old, and I decided to wait for the Spring semester to start my nursing classes so he would be almost a year old and weaned. I did all my pre-reqs at night when hubby was home to watch my other 2 children before I got pregnant. I will have to put my son in daycare in the Spring, but only for 1 day a week, so I'm trying not to stress over it so much (the 2 older children will be in school).
    I think Teresa gave a great bit of advice. Good luck with whatever you decide to do, and congrats on your upcoming arrival.
  11. by   jdomep
    I started my pre req's when #4 was 8 months (the others were 4,3,2) I went to class or took online - I refuse for school to take time away from them. I study with them home with me and make the best out of it(I have mastered the art of small study increments and studying with Monster's Inc in the VCR LOL) and I study continually.... I was VERY luck that our local hospital's college offers an evening program so hubby can watch the boys while I am at class and/or clinicals.
    It can be done but you MUST be organized and able to many things at once.
  12. by   dstudent
    When your good and ready
  13. by   Nurse K-Bear
    at my school one of my classmates had a baby in march. She brought her baby to lecture for the rest of the semester to continue breastfeeding. I was suprised she did this (bringing the baby to class. I do not have a problem with breastfeeding in public) and the instructors never told her not to. The baby was never distracting she just passed her around and the baby got lot's of attention. I am sure this is rare though, but you never know.

    In last years graduating class there were two girls who had baby's during the semester.

    Another cute story. My friend was taking anatomy one summer and she always read her a&p text outloud to her eight month old daughter. This helped her study and spend time with the baby. You will never guess what the babies first word was....Patella! could you imagine
  14. by   MishlB
    Originally posted by Kimberly_1999
    I was just wondering if I could ask other moms' a question. I'm pregnant with my second baby and I'm due Febuary 10th. And I also have a 3yr old at home. I've decided that I want to be an RN, and my question to you is...When do you think would be the best time to enroll in school?
    This depends on you...your family will suffer from lack of attention...lots of homework, and studying to be done. You are the only one who can decide what is best for your family. Do you have a good support system at home? Husband, mother, in-laws? You'll need htem. You cannot do it all, no matter what you think.