neuro exam...ahhh!!!!

  1. hi.

    Monday is my second exam and its on everything neuro...stroke.....icp....seizures....etc. Has anyone out there taken this exam....please give me some advice...thanxs
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  3. by   debbyed
    Get a good nights sleep and eat a good breakfast.

    Forget cramming the night before, Either you know it or you don't ...Cramming will just raise your anxiety level.

    Sleep and Food....The best cure for anything!
  4. by   essarge

    Only kidding!

    Memorize this mnemonic to help you remember what nerve goes where.

    On Old Olymus Towering Tops, A Finn And German Viewed Some Hops.

    Olfactory (CN I)
    Optic (CN II)
    Oculomotor (CN III)
    Trochlear (CN IV)
    Trigeminal (CN V)
    Abducens (CN VI)
    Facial (CN VII)
    Acoustic (CN VIII)
    Glossopharyngeal (CN IX)
    Vagus (CN X)
    Spinal accessory (CN XI)
    Hypoglossal (CN XII)

    Hope this helps!!
  5. by   GPatty
    Just wanted to say "Good Luck on your exam"!!!

    Hey Essarge! Thanks! That's pretty cool! I'm going to copy it and use it!

  6. by   MRed94
    I used it too, and it worked good for me....

    Good luck!