Nervous system drugs...need I say more

  1. In Pharm we start nervous system drugs tomorrow. I am not really worried about it as I am a quick learner but do any of you know any good websites where I can test my knowledge on the drugs. In this class, we aren't doing dosage calulations so the "known" sites won't help me much. I am excellent at math, and actually am a Math minor. But anyhoooooo....any links you can give me would greatly appreciated.


    ps and completely unrelated

    Me and dh rented "unfaithful" on DVD this weekend. Needless to say, he now knows too much on how my mind thinks. The wife in that movie was so obvious. I guess I shouldn't have told dh where she was making her mistakes. oh well

    I am happily married though. It is just funny to see dh's facial expressions when I talk about cheating. lmao!!!
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    I don't know any sites but, I used Lipencott's review series for pharmacology. It helped quite a bit.......Now I've got to rent that video!! LOL!
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    One of the students in my school created a website specifically for pharmacology.

    Here is the address.

    good luck to you!!!