Needing to vent; please bear with me!

  1. I have had the most aggravating day. I go to a college that's run by a bunch of idiots that keep putting programs in the health building (where my program is, and where there's not enough space to begin with). For instance, there's a high school class that meets there for their concurrent enrollment history class - in the health building! We had to move all over the building today just so we could hold class - we had to change rooms in the middle of the day and it seems that it's our program that gets picked on the most.

    We had lecture all day where the instructor (one that I do not care for much) stood there and talked basically about nothing at all for 6 hours. I'm not kidding, one of the activities today was to color a picture and show it to someone else. (The point she was trying to make is that we can get a child to do the same thing and assess a lot from it - this is our pedi course). But, please! We're adults here!

    Then, later on, this same instructor gives us a calculations quiz that counts like 15% of our grade. This is not usually a big deal, but today it was. We had new information on the quiz for pedi calculations (dosage per kg, lb, etc.) and it wasn't really hard information, but today she throws 2 trick questions at us that were just really stupid, and of course they stumped me, which just frustrated me. So I went up and asked her about this one b/c I just knew the numbers had to be wrong and she's like no, it's right, just go back and THINK about what the question is asking you. So I went back and read the question a few more times and finally got what I think is the right answer. I turned in my quiz and noticed that she looked at the question I had trouble with and I asked her if I got it right - and she smiles at me and says, sorry, I can't tell you - which I kind of expected, but it's so d*** frustrating to hear it! I was so hacked off! And, there are others that had problems with the same questions. This is a test that only has 10 questions and she gives us 2 trick questions? It's like she wanted us to do poorly on it - which, really, would reflect badly on her b/c she taught the information.


    Thanks for listening - I think I'm better now.
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  3. by   wannanurse
    Wow!! Can not believe they make you move all over the place. I am sorry about the quiz! I hate it when teachers act like that.
  4. by   peaceful2100
    Wow that does sound pretty frustrating. Why do they have the high school students taking history class there anyway? As for the drug calculation that is pretty frustrating to have a teacher do that. It has happened to me before.

    Well I hope things get bette for you.

    Sending a smile your way.
  5. by   Bonnie Blue
    Since people are venting... My bicycle was stolen today. It was a new $350 Raliegh hybrid. It wasn't a high end mountain bike or anything, just basic, comfortable transportation. and just to top things off, I walk home and discover that I left 3 silver rings in the cafeteria where I ate lunch with some of my classmates. One ring was from my parents and was one of a kind. I'm heartsick and angry.
  6. by   MRed94

    I am sure with you sharing this, and most of us helping you pray about it, you will get some or all of those things back.

    Hang in there,

  7. by   ADN 2002
    Oh, I forgot something earlier. On top of everything else, I'm sick as a dog! I think I've got bronchitis, but the doctor wouldn't say anything specific. I wanted to go home SO BAD today, and people were like, go home! Like that's even a possibility - today's stuff was counting as campus lab hours, which counts as clinical hours - you just can't miss! If you do, it had better be because of a death, and it had better be your own! (LOL, it's not quite THAT bad, but it seems that way sometimes...)

    Bonnie - I'm so sorry to hear what has happened! Sounds like you had a way worse day than I have. Hope you get your stuff back - I would be very upset. Did you call the police about your bike? Maybe they can help you out. You're in our prayers!
  8. by   Bonnie Blue
    I did file a report with the campus police but they were not very helpful and since I didn't keep a record of the serial # etc. I'm basically out of luck. I did talk to the cafeteria manager who said he would ask his other supervisors about my rings. I will pray for the person who took my bike. I guess they needed it worse than I did. I live within walking distance of school but riding made it a lot easier.
    Thanks for the support. I'm sorry you had a hard day too, ADN. Try to take care of yourself.