need words of encouragment

  1. I am sick to my stomach. I don't know if anyone out there is experiencing the same thing, but how does one deal with working fulltime, trying to focus on studying (for me the NLN-Pax), worrying about getting apcepted into nursing program of choice, and being stuck in the middle of fighting parents. Yup, thats what Im going though right now. I can't even focus, and i really want to get some work done tonight, but all I really want to do is to dive under my covers and wallow in my misery. I know I'm a big girl and shouldn't let something like this bother me (im 26) but when you are an only child to unmarried parents, living two countries apart, with one parent trying to protect you while the other is dragging you in the middle of the mess, how do you deal? And at christmas of all times?!

    This bothers me so much that I am litterally nauseated, and I woke up a couple of hours ago from a migraine. I think im going to make myself a cup of hot tea

    thanks for listening
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    What a coincidence, as I had a migrane about 4 hours ago. I am also an only child who was not 'spoiled'.

    Anyhow, don't allow anyone to get you down. I am personally glad that I no longer live under my parents' roof, but I can remember the days when they argued bitterly due to money problems, drug abuse, alcoholism, and other issues that their only child should have never been exposed to. Their problems can act as a powerful obstructionist to your dreams of becoming a nurse (if you allow it to).

    However, keep the focus on your goals and dreams. Meditate that you are laying on golden sands in front of a peaceful Carribean beach. Block the negativity out. Do whatever you've gotta do to achieve your goals and make them a reality. Moreover, be advised that this website is full of people who care about your ultimate outcome.

    Here's a kiss. I hope you feel better! :kiss
  4. by   Reddy,RN
    I'm thrilled to see The Commuter's response because it's compassionate and sensible and cheerful. In short it's full of what I love about this place.

    mystiqx, I can't advocate wallowing in misery but I absolutely understand the urge to get your feet wet now and again. And I recognize that this is one of those times. Maybe if you give yourself permission for 10 solid minutes of misery you'll find yourself bored or distracted after 6 or 7. What could be great instead is committing yourself to finding the best memory you have of each of your parents. You'll have to review a lot of good memories I'm sure. And that can put your head in a better place. Especially for the holidays.

    As for encouraging words, I think you gave an excellent summary of a bad situation. Most people couldn't do that if you paid them.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Reddy
    I'm thrilled to see The Commuter's response because it's compassionate and sensible and cheerful. In short it's full of what I love about this place.
  6. by   shippoRN
    thanks guys, I really appreciate it. The whole situation is very fustrating and infuriating, but like TheCommuter said, I need to focus on the goal at hand. Funny thing is that I spent the first 17 years of my life living on a carribbean island with golden sands, so its really not that hard to imagine lol.

    Thank you again, I really appreciate it.