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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm just a tad bit frustrated. We were told at our nursing information session that we would receive medical forms from the school that would need to be completed by our doctors within a week or two after receipt. These forms were to be included with an acceptance letter to the nursing program. Since we are a military family, it's not always easy to get an appointment 'exactly' when we want or need one.

    The head of the nursing dept. at my school told us(military dependants) to make an appointment blindly...(not knowing if we're accepted or not) because not having the med forms turned in on time was a secondary way that the school weeds out its many applicants from the program. The only appointment I could get is May 5th (monday), so if I don't get a letter TODAY, what am I supposed to do?

    Although the letters are supposed to come the first week of May, I have to pray that somehow my dr. appointment and the receipt of an acceptance letter are coordinated so that I can get the form turned in before the deadline...which I won't even know when that is (deadline) until I receive a letter.

    Hopefully I'm all worked up about nothing, but I needed to vent about it anyway!

    Thanks for listening
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  3. by   Disablednurse
    Camkib, you will be in my prayers that you will get every thing done in time.
  4. by   Nurse2bSandy
    Go ahead and take the appointment. Most dr's offices have blank forms that they can fill out for physicals, etc. Then, if he has seen you recently, he can fill out the forms from your records when you get them and take them in. If you get in, I can't believe that you would be eliminated by no med forms... I know the school might do it, I just think that there are ways that most people could get them in on time. Having a current physical done is the best way to be prepared. Tell the dr what the deal is and he will probably offer to fill in your paperwork when it comes to him.
    Worse case scenario... you may have to go to a civ dr and pay... but being in the program would be worth a $100 or so to me if that was my only option!
    We are military too... my appt is May 27th, but I have until the semester starts to actually submit the paperwork. My advisor did tell me that if I missed the date I would be kicked out of my classes... I won't miss that date!
  5. by   USA987
    I agree with the above post. Go get the physical and when you get into the program, go ahead and take the form into the clinic, and they will fill it out for you.

    I hear your pain about the whole military thing...been married to it for 11 yrs. now!!
  6. by   natsfanrn
    I'm in a similar boat. We were told forms for physicals and vaccinations would be sent out in the spring, but now they're saying they'll be handed out at orientation (end of June). I need to go to the dr before then for a prescription refill and, since it's always such a treat to get an appointment with the military (especially in this region with deployments of medical personnel) I was hoping to get everything done at once. Called and asked if I could get the forms before end of June; nursing office said no. Called Tricare to make an appointment anyway, figuring I could just have them fill in the forms later if needed, and they said I couldn't come in until I have the forms in hand. I just don't understand what the big secret is; why can't they give us the forms a little early so that we're not caught in the mad summertime school physicals rush?!

    Sorry for posting my little vent on your thread, but I do wish you luck.... I can't imagine having only a week or two to get the paperwork back to the school, even with civilian health care. Amazing the hoops they make us jump through....
  7. by   Agnus
    Have you tried making an appointment for your physical away from the base? Call every civilian clinic, doctor's office, you can find in the phone book until you get an appointiment.
    Remember the school is not entitled to know your entire medical history with the military.
    ALL THEY REALLY NEED is to know that there is nothing that could interfere with your ability to survive the program. That you are basically physically fit to meet the demanads of the program. If you have some limitations that would require special accomodation under the American's with Disabilities Act then they need to know this.
    If there is an occupational medicine clinic that you can identify, you may be able to get an appointment fairly quickly there and they will have the ability to do any test that the school requires.
  8. by   natsfanrn
    If you're enrolled in Tricare Prime, as I am, you have to go to a military clinic (or pay for the exam/vaccinations out of pocket).
  9. by   Vsummer1
    Wow, I am so sorry to hear that your schools are so, ummm... anal retentive?

    Ours gave me the form because the information I needed was located in another state and I had to fly there for other reasons so figured I could get the physical done then (or pay big bucks to a new doctor). They were more than happy to let me have the forms early. In addition, the school where I am has a healthcare van that comes every Thursday. The things I still needed to get done (series of vaccinations) after the initial physical could be done through the school for those with no health insurance. They were VERY helpful to us!
  10. by   camkib
    Now that I know for certain....I was able to schedule an appointment for next Wed. The forms aren't due until the 23rd. Everything worked out afterall! ....see I was all worked up over nothing. :imbar

    Thanks everyone for your support!
  11. by   nursebucky
    Check your local hospital. They often give some of those vaccinations for free. Then no matter what you have to do, find a doctor (will cost $75) and ask them to test your blood for vaccinations, and they will sign your form.

    I am former military and had to do the same thing. The doctor had to evaluate me as a patient and sent me to the lab for my draws. She was very understanding and knew about nursing forms.

    I am in Atlanta if anyone would like her name. She is in Buckhead, and her husband is a doc also. She is EXCELLENT.