Need HELP with grade and points, pleasssse!

  1. Hello everyone.

    I looked at my final grade, and it said a C.

    My class has two parts to theory (the big tests, etc), and the other part is theory app. (vocab tests, clinical test outs, etc). Well, they said they combine the two parts to get your final grade.

    I am confused, however, and hopefully someone can help me. In the theory, I got 436.98 out of 568. On the theory app, I got 270.34 out of 317. So all together, I got a 707.32 out of 885. I calculated that on the calculator, and it says that I got 79.89%. But that was not including the .32 over I got. So my husband said I should have gotten a 80.21, which would be a B grade.

    Is he correct? I am confused. If he is correct, I will email my instructor, if not, I will understand.

    Anyone good at working out points/ grades, pls help!!:uhoh21:
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  3. by   michw2
    It looks like he took your points and rounded them. This is what I got 436.98 would be 437 and 270.34 would be 270 so total of 707 which would be a 79.8% I know how you feel I got 799 point out of 1000 which is a 79.9% so I got a C for the semester my school don't round in the nursing program bot if I would of had that grade in any other class it would of been a B thats what is so bad we can't do anything about it . We can just try harder next time. I hope this helps.
  4. by   aruray
    nevermind. previous post answered your question i think
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  5. by   dansamy
    Also look at your class syllabus. Many schools will have a different grade scale for nursing than for their other curriculum. My school has this policy:
    74 & below=D
    All nursing classes must be passed with a grade of C or better in order to progress to the next semester. Since the courses in each semester are ALL pre-requisites for the next semester, you are unable to take higher nursing courses until ALL of the previous ones are successfully completed.
  6. by   MistyLou
    MOST, and most definitely the nursing classes, are not rounded at my school.
  7. by   cingulargirl21
    at my nursing school if you have a 91.5 you it's rounded to a 92........which would be an A if you have a 91.4 or less it's a its need that .5.

    74 and under=D
  8. by   **********-RN
    If you had a passing grade for your school it is better to just let it go, the added stress will only cause you more stressors that will have ill effects. When you are treated by a nurse in a hospital, do you ask if she was at the top of her class? PAT yourself on the back! you deserve it! You made it through the semester, alot of students didn't! Good Luck! Just to let you know I made a C too! (You are not alone!) Barbiebabe
  9. by   manna
    No rounding here either, plus the 8 point grading scale. You can get a 91.99 and still have a B.

    92-100 - A
    83-91 - B
    74-82 - C
    Any less than that and you fail.
  10. by   Rhoresmith
    At my school they will round up the grade in the class but NOT THE TEST GRADES so that makes it more complicated. You must have a 78 to even pass your test and even if you turn everything else in and have straight A's in written assignments you FAIL.... I agree with the poster that said leave it alone no one knows if you made an A or a C in nursing school what counts is that you pass the NCLEX and we are all the same on that