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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have been trying to get into a nursing program around the Boston area for a while now. However I work 2 jobs to support myself, so to quit my job for school always seemed out of reach for me. I go through phases of "I just have to do it now" and then "I cant do it right now.. I'll get there someday" And it's really depressing!!! But everytime I finally convince myself to just quit my full time job, keep the weekend one, and just go into the nursing program.... it's too late in the year! So here I am again... it's already June.. and all of the programs are full, or want another pre-req to start. I have already finished my A & P 1 and also A & P 2 and chem! So I am ready to go! Anyone have any advice or schools they know that have good programs still available in the Boston Ma area ?? Need help! Thanks for letting me vent!
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  3. by   Berta
    Stephanie, I am South of Boston. Starting nursing school in fall at small community college Massasoit in Brockton. I beleive the deadline for applications was Feb 1. If you are interested, apply now. I applied last Sept and got my acceptance end of April.

    You should call Quincy College. They have a satelite Campus in the fenway area. I believe they still have openings in the evening program. You need to pass a nursing entrance test. The Anatomy and Phys and Chem are your only pre reqs.

    Good luck