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Hello all, I am having a real hard time with A&P I. The course is only taught by one professor who failed 60% of her students last semester. He exams are ridiculous and the lab practical exams... Read More

  1. by   mauser
    I know exactly how you feel. I was so stressed about the tissue slides, I couldn't sleep. Then I spoke with a guy in A&P II who gave me some great advice. Talk to someone you got thru the same course/same instructor with a good grade. They can give you a lot of insight into tests,etc. We have the bone test Friday. I feel much better about it - and am ready.
  2. by   smileystudent
    yep that was like my A&P class. what we did in my study group is we use to make up things to remember the names like the radius had a round head. real dumb things but they stuck and our study group did pretty good. another is i used open lab, i used flash cards and online there is a ton of websites to look at that are just like the bones or slides in your lab or whatever you are learning and i would study those. and there were quizzes online too. I used the online source for both my A&P classes it took me to the end even the cat dissections. That was my main help because i couldnt stay long in open lab. i did a search on google when i was looking for them. sorry but i have erased the websites from my favorites so i don't have the address anymore.
    For the lecture part I read the text and took notes and just study every night a few hours a day that was the only way i made it through. I averaged about 20-30 hrs a week of studing if not more. Of course at the time I was taking A&P I didn't have time for a life and my kids were not to happy about my studying but we survived. It was tough but I was one of the 25% that passed the two classes.
    I hope this helps you. Just remember you are not alone and believe it or not it is doable. Stay positive. I noticed the students that were discouraged or complained either didn't make it or they just barely made it. Being positive gives you momentum.
  3. by   lilbiskit78
    Oh my gosh, I think you were talking about my A&P I class! Sounds just like it...lab tests were the hardest for me too, lecture was easy compared! I remember freaking out about the histology.....omg, what kind of epithelium is it???? I totally agree with everyone else, the best way to learn that stuff is to spend as much time as you can in open instructor was pretty cool and gave us specific times to come in and he would help us set up all the scopes and slides. Also, I purchased an A&P photo atlas from my school bookstore, which has tissue pictures, bone pictures with all the fossas, grooves, ect labeled on them. It was very helpful. The best advice I can give you is to try your hardest to retain as much as you can from your A&P classes, they expect you to know it when you get to your nursing classes.....they will not be happy if you don't know how blood flows through the heart, where the xiphoid process is, ect. Study hard and good luck, you can do it!
  4. by   Sheri257
    Quote from allthingsbright
    most people who dropped/failed left during lab.
    Yep. I noticed that too.

  5. by   LesJenRN
    Are you studying with other students? I studied with a friend....we quized each other constantly and thought up neumonics (sp?) to help us remember the anatomy. To this day, I still use a neumonic that we made up to remember what areas of the heart we were auscultating..... I'd tell it to you...but it would be too embarassing...
    Good luck!
    Also, my thought when I read that he fails 60% of his students he not doing a good job of teaching you what you need to know.....
  6. by   Sheri257
    Quote from LesJenRN
    Also, my thought when I read that he fails 60% of his students he not doing a good job of teaching you what you need to know.....
    I disagree. I've been in classes where the failure rate was much higher, up to 80 percent. Quite frankly, most of the people who failed didn't study or, as other people mentioned, didn't stick around for lab or didn't show up for class, etc. A lot of people wanted to blame the teacher, but I honestly didn't see a problem there. Certainly there are some bad teachers out there, but there can be a problem with students too.

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  7. by   Achoo!
    We just made up a new mneumonic last night for all the bones of the eye socket.
    Every Zoo Finds Stinky Little Monkey Poop LMAO- never forget that one!