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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am in my 3rd semester of prereq's for an ADN program. This is my 2nd attempt (after many years) at trying to become a nurse. The first time around, I worked really hard and ended up with a 3.0 gpa which obviously didn't compare with the other applicants. This time I want to leverage myself a bit by applying to more than one nursing program in my area.

    All the programs that are nearby (except the one in my town)require a science within the past 5 years. They also require that you are a CNA I. I completed all of my science classes WELL over 5 years ago. I'm almost done with A & P I, but they will only accept a general bio or chem to fill the science requirement. (the school I'm at now only requires chem and bio in high school -no matter how long ago) And I don't know if I want to risk lowering my grades next semester by taking a CNA class in the evening in addition to my other classes.

    I've registered for A & P II for next semester, so taking 2 sciences together is completely out of the question for me. I could however get these completed before Jan 04 admission to the programs, but only if I take the CNA class NOW!

    I really don't know what to do...should I try to complete all of these requirements or should I just see if I make it into my current school's program before trying to come up with a plan B?? I will know if I'm accepted sometime in May.

    Thanks in advance!!

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  3. by   subec
    Honestly, if I were you, I would take the CNA class. I'm in my first semester of my program, and I would have greatly benefited from having that class before I started.

    Good luck to you in your decision, and your future classes.
  4. by   renerian
    Wow tough choice you have. What would you like to do? I think a 3.0 is good. That is what I had and worked my tail off. I worked part time, baby sat six kids, have several of my own and went to school at night. I hated school. Took me 14 years to go back to get my BS and now working on my MS. I guess I would probably take the CNA class. I heard someone else post that. Money maker for the school.

    Let us know what you decide.

  5. by   camkib
    Thanks Subec and Renerian,

    After reading your replies I decided that I would take the CNA class. I contacted my school for registration and the classes were already full for the next session. So I guess it wasn't meant to happen.

    I will be first in line during the next registration period.

    Thanks again,