need a little advice!! Which school would you choose?!!

  1. Hello , I really want to be a nurse but my ultimate goal is to become a np. Because I have quite a few c's and b's (no a's) in my nursing prequites. Going to fscj is really not an option. I am forced to go to an non profit school. I am impatient and do not want to retake any prequites. I would Just like to start my career.

    My options are 1) fscj lpn program Tuition: about 3,000 Length: 12 months College is accredited Pro:I would one step closer to becoming a nurse. I will not be in debt.Cons: From previous post on this site, I hear it is hard to get accepted into this program. Different people tell me the job market for lpn are not that great. (2) sanford brown rn program Tuition : 36,000 with everything include, even prequites Length: I believe is 14 -16 months College is accredited and program is approved Pros: Their is no waiting list. I could start my career right away. Some of my prequites will transfer which will make tuition cheaper. No required gpa.Cons: I will be in debt. The institute is on probation.

    My credits will not transfer to other college Chamberlain college of nursing Tuition 56,000 (and program)Length 2 years College is accredited Pros: From previous post I hear this is a great college. College is accredited,I would be able to further my Education. Possibly receive a great hand on experience.I've always wanted to go to this college.Cons: 56,000 Just for an and that very expensive. I would be in so much debt. Require a 2.7 and you must score high on a few test to be accepted into the program.Con Tuition: 40,000 Length: unsureProgram is approvred Cons: Will be in debt. There is a waiting list. Admission conselor sounds like a car salesmen . Program is 8-5 m thru f very intense. Credits willl not transfer.

    Keiser Tuition 40,000 not including books, uniform and supplies bout 8,000 per semester Length: 18 months College is accredited. Program is approved Pro: admission conselor was very helpful and answered all my questions. Some of my credits will transfer. No waiting list. Seems like a great program. ( really was considering the program,I just hate the fact that books and supplies are not included in the program)Cons: program is really expensive. I'm not sure if my credits will transfer to other colleges.

    Here are other colleges I will not even considered due to price, length qnd reputation. Here the tuition if anyone was wondering how much the and program is:Kaplain Tuition:53,000Length: I believe I two years Virginia college52,000Length: unsure IttTuition: 52,000Length 2- 2 1/2 years Florida career college Tuition 52,000 Length two and a half years I would never recommend this program to anyone. The school is in a shoping center. Progrqm is approved. Your credits will not trasfer. The admissions conselor is very rude and unprofessional. She told me to go for the pct program first. Then after I complete pct , I should come back n try for the and program.The college is all about money , beware of this college. I really need advice on which collegr to choose. Thanks and advanced on any feed back. Wheather it is negative or postive , all advice is good advice.
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  3. by   RNpearls1908
    Um Keiser tuition does include books and supplies. And they're fully accredited including regionally so you can pursue higher education. From what I understand they have an agreement with usf for rn to BSN program. The school is not expensive if pre reqs are done elsewhere. And I do believe they have a waitlist. All this info pertains to the Tampa and Orlando campuses. Not sure what campuse your looking at. Also there is a gpa and teas requirement
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    Also the program is 16 months in length
  5. by   littlebear23
    I'm going through a for-profit school, and I just want to tell you that it isn't a joke and is VERY hard! My second semester I was taking Fundamentals I didactic for 4 hours, and the lab was on a separate day. Then I had to take A&P II Lecture and the lab was again, on a separate day. Fundamentals II was tough even though I had no other pre-req's to take with it, the length of each term is 12 weeks. I got in a very serious accident and couldn't continue with my Med/Surg, but if I did, I would have had to take Med/Surg, Chemistry, Pharmacology, and then go to the clinical on Saturdays for 12 hours. You have to prepare yourself, I was lucky that my nursing instructors and DON are really good and care if you're struggling, because a lot of the for-profit schools don't; it's about the $$$. Don't let what I'm saying deter you, because there are some great for-profit colleges. It's easier to get in to, and you'll be on your way to becoming a nurse in no time!
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    thank you for your responses. I believe keiser is 27,000 with all prequities done. It is about 8,000 per semster and four semster for the nursing classes. Keiser does require a 3.0 . The lady told me in order be accepted they would only accept classes I have made a b in. They other classes I would to take over again.
  7. by   starnurse2b16
    Little bear which school do you attend..
  8. by   coco.nut
    My advice, if a school is not accredited, cross it off your list.

    Figure out how much a month you will be paying every month for debt, is it doable? Is it worth it? My ADN cost about 14,000 total, I am (luckily!) debt free. My RN-BSN is $7,000 total at a state school.

    Find out 1. what are the retention rates 2. what are the NCLEX pass rates. They may have a high NCLEX pass rate but that may be because of low retention rates. Some schools, especially those who do not have high admission requirements lose/weed out a lot of students to maintain high pass rates.

    Might it be worth retaking some pre-reqs to get higher grades? Why were your grades low? Will you be able to make passing grades in nursing school? Also NP programs are competitive. As it stands now, will you be able to contend for them? Nursing school is challenging, figure out why you were making Cs in pre-reqs and work on ways to improve so you will be successful where ever you go. Getting in is only a small part of the work.
  9. by   Stephalump
    I don't really have any information on the schools you're looking at, but I'd encourage you to take a deep breath. Being an advanced practice nurse is going to take patience and hard work. Bare minimum grades and impulsive decisions flat out will not get you there. Nursing school will be harder than any of your prereqs, but you'll have to do better grade-wise. You absolutely need to go to an accredited school, but you don't want to get into so much debt that you can't afford to add on extra years to school. Choose wisely!
  10. by   BostonFNP
    If your ultimate goal is to continue through graduate school, you are much better off taking an extra semester or two now to retake your pre-reqs, ace them, and apply directly to a program at a school with a graduate program.
  11. by   starnurse2b16
    Thank you everyone for the great advice. My grades were poor because I was not focused on school. I have mostly b's and three c's, no a's. Now I am determined to focus on school and achieve good grades. Because I have a family ( a fiance and a 4 month old baby). Also I want a career I would love in the medical field. I Just am very impatient and wouls like to start towards my career asap..
  12. by   BostonFNP
    Step one is finding a way to present yourself in a more favorable light, as it will be a big part o your admission to a program.

    Saying you're impatient doesn't cast you in a positive light.

    Try and convey that you have grown in maturity and life experience being a mom, are committed to a career and education, etc
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    Quote from starnurse16
    Thank you everyone for the great advice. My grades were poor because I was not focused on school. I have mostly b's and three c's, no a's. Now I am determined to focus on school and achieve good grades. Because I have a family ( a fiance and a 4 month old baby). Also I want a career I would love in the medical field. I Just am very impatient and wouls like to start towards my career asap..
    Well if you're in a hurry and not dedicated to doing what it takes to our yourself in a good position, you're going to be stuck choosing out of cruddy choices. I wouldn't recommend attending any nursing school found in a shopping center or any school with untransferrable credits or any schools with outrageous tuition. But since those are the only options on the table, I'd pick the cheapest option available. Diploma mill schools are notorious for a high percentage of students failing out, and since the odds would automatically not be in your favor, I'd watch how much money you invest into it.

    Ideally, I'd suggest you bust your hump to get into the Lpn program.
  14. by   littlebear23
    Quote from starnurse16
    Little bear which school do you attend..
    I am attending Everest College. My college is accredited through the ANA, and through the state board. Upon graduation, if I decide to continue my education at the University, then all my credits will transfer. If the colleges you are looking into are not accredited, don't be discouraged! The area of accreditation is a murky area for me, since I don't know a lot on the subject. I do know that before Everest was accredited, other students before me graduated and went to the State Board exams and are working as R.N.'s now.