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  1. I saw in another thread that there are websites that offer services in the form of NCLEX question of the week - can anyone tell me what these sites are?
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    I did a google search for NCLEX question of the week and came up with this (there were a bunch of them, but I checked these out),00.html

    Geesh! Wish I had known about these sites right before I took my NCLEX this past Wednesday!
  4. by   Daytonite
    ct pixie gave you the link to the official question of the week from the online nclex-rn examination course from ncsbn. they post a new question every monday along with it's answer. (

    another nclex question of the week site is from mosby's comprehensive review of nursing. there are also archived questions that you can access.
  5. by   Panthyr
    Oops! I'm in an accelerated psychology class now and I'm so tired that I completely forgot I posted this. Thank you both so much!

    I was hoping to find one that would be emailed every week, or day, or something like that. But these sites are extremely helpful and I will be doing these too!
  6. by   Hands and Heart
    Try this one as well

    You can sign up for a question a day, but they are review content questions rather than NCLEX style.
  7. by   mysterious_one
    here is a free NCLEX practice site, it doesn't have a question per week, it has 3500 questions.
  8. by   Panthyr
    Thanks, you guys!